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  2. I Cant find the post for the best squad as the bar has gone from the home page so I've started this one If you get best squad screenshot it and post it here or give it to me to post
  3. Hey all, okay got this for a present and will be downloading for the next couple hours. but I will be playing. anyone still going at it? I haven't even checked to see if we have a server. But let me know if your playing and what seems to be the biggest need. I usually run medic but am versatile lol. Looking forward to it hopefully the play is as good as it looks on the tele. Plane crashing 101 about to begin!!!!
  4. i have the game .but can't play m/p no desktop icon will mp.exe .file .can play single player but when i go to go on line it tells me lost con to ea..after 4 hours on phone with the morons .iam told they are working on it had all i can take .i'll be in BF4 see ya
  5. reddog955i

    all so got bf 5 running ,will be seeing ya all in game ?
  6. reddog955i

    Thanks found one at they have any wiring for computers and do it your self mods, individual sleeved wiring,,,,check them out
  7. Krackennutz

    suppose easiest way would look on new egg or tiger direct see which connector looks the same regardless of name or use these...
  8. Have bf 5 for 5 day and played 3 hours , have tried start clean up , clean graphics driver install " twice" direct path in nivida controller , repaired "twice" up dated , and still will not play ,,,, loaded game , played 2 plus hours had problems, but played , no sound , ie killed out the sound had re plug in speakers , that was the biggest problem, lock up the screen once had to restart,, but it played,, stop for a few hours , came back and now it wont play , when it loads the game to server it just stops and shuts down ,, , went to ea help and did all the above and a temp clean , now it start to load to servers and just locks up and have to re start ,,,, HELP hahahahh I didn't buy in bf1 and now this looks like the same shit, why change bf4 work so good ,now i know that there are problems with new games , went thro with bf4 but not like this,,,,,,,,, all so have new graphices card and i need a coolmax modular pci-e cable with 8 pin to dual 8 pin look all over and trying to contact coolmax not happen ,,,
  9. Dessy

    EA and DICE have chosen not to release RSP at launch but more important it is not on the BF5 road map where in BF1 it was so we can assume we wont have our own server for this game stil we manage every day to play on the same server with lots of XI and non XI regulair players. so join us on TS in BF5 channel and start adding friends to your origin so you can play with us.
  10. Just bought the game single player is kicking my butt lol How the game play online and does XI have a server for this yet?
  11. Dessy

    We (20 players and growing each day on TS bf5 channel ) are playing BF5 steady know for a month it is a good game we have lots of fun BUT you are right we be probably playing this for a year until the next game comes out most likely the follow up for BF4 modern time again. EA and DICE have chosen not to release RSP at launch but more important it is not on the BF5 road map where in BF1 it was so we can assume we wont have our own server for this game stil we manage every day to play on the same server with lots of XI and non XI regulair players.
  12. Been waiting for input on what you lot think,read a few reviews on Gamer etc[none looked good],price starting to bomb to[good thing lol] followed the BFV forum discusion on it and note as per norm when gets interesting EA forum admins locks ,unless its praise for it[same for most BF discussions] be totaly honest,remember many sold the praise for BF1, within a yr nearly everyone had ditched it!!! which was a shame as it killed the BF Xi Community right off,along with switching just to US side server[highest player amount this month 2!] yet EU was constantly input ta cheers never, know may buy it with Christmas donations lol
  13. I was looking to enable RTX in Battlefield 5 ,but noticed a setting was missing form the video options turns out you need to have Windows 10 1809 version then the enable RTX shows up. The 1809 update can be downloaded from Microsoft.
  14. Bor2013

    Thah Single players is not like battlefield 3 or 4 i am still misssing that i was hope for more!
  15. Bor2013

    very cool all but my style for now is bf3 and 4..., BFV its playing like bf1 for me i was hopefhole for the bf5 single player... but still same as bf1
  16. Sweatnbullets

    These Tips are great, and so far I really like the Gameplay. But really want to play in a XI squad. Can ya all get in ts or are some on Discord? The gameplay is better than ever, and dont let someone tell you its like bf1 its not.
  17. Purrlicious

    I can hear the people crying already about the shooting through the walls. They will call everyone a hacker.
  18. WSMFreak

    me to, i thought i was getting it this morning but turns out its not till 11pm tonight ? so no play till tomorrow
  19. it is awseome been playing since the 9th having a good time its more Battlefield then BF1 squad and team play is more important in this game you can earn squad point and call in stuff airdrops v2 rocket vehicles see the video . the only real downer is no RSP in the first 6 months the ea road map does not show that so no hosting a server for XI.
  20. How is it???? Been debating about getting I was hoping they would redo that old future battlefield 3019 or something with robot walkers and your command ship that game was awesome.
  21. JAYsus_NL

    Can`t wait!!!!!