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  2. JAYsus_NL

    Nope.... Still don`t like it as much i as did BF4, and thats an understatement ;-p. I hop in every now and again, but after a couple of rounds i`m done....
  3. BattlewolF

    play it every day
  4. Woody_Ger

    I play BF V from day to day. My Origin Name are WoodyGer_XI
  5. 40-Mike

    I'm on the west coast so by the time I get there you east coast people have quit for the day but I'll give it a try. I've been setting in BFV all afternoon (about 3 hours) while I watched hockey and aside from getting kicked for being idle I had no other action except one player stopping in. Sad because I really like BFV and would like a break from WAW.
  6. tsw 8.5

    a lot of us still play BF4 .on Saturday night .stop in
  7. 40-Mike

    I do from time to time. I play under the name 4tyMike
  8. I hated this game when it was first released but have been playing the shit out of it recently. Was wondering if anyone still plays?
  9. Millerlite2019

    I haven't played BFV on pc yet only PS4. Are there a lot of cheaters?
  10. They are bringing Wake Island to BFV?
  11. We all wait to long for everything with BFV lol but i am looking forward to it and have just got a nice new RTX2070 to make it all the better im acctually looking forward to it roll on tomorrow.
  12. I wait too long for the Pacific theatre ......
  13. Looks cool as hell but they will fuck it up. The maps will probably be small as heck compared to BF1942 or even BF2 which seems to be the "norm" for the newer battlefield games. I wish they would start making LARGE flying maps like El_Alamein or Gazala. Those 2 maps OMG I spent 1000s of hours on them in BF1942 DC mod. Hmmmmm Wonder if it's possible to run a BF1942 Desert Combat Final server?
  14. MORE INFO https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/all-you-need-to-know-chapter-5-war-in-the-pacific
  15. WSMFreak

    Well id be up for it i still play it and to be fair the games only been out 6 months so a ways to go yet i think before its dead.
  16. DuckyofDeath123

    It does mention a few rights like keep your own config, name your server, move ppl to teams, skip the long wait time to fill the server and kick people who behave like jackasses from the server, so it's got potential. It'd be nice if this rescued it. I haven't played this properly for more than maybe five hours. Properly being "with friends".

    Mav showed me that but i could not find any official announcement. player numbers are so low in that game i'm not sure if it helps . very late to try and save it . and did fraggs mention admin rights.!!
  18. Yay!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboaUgRyO_g @EDD THE DUCK
  19. 100% Agreed Boss. But I'm not holding my breath on hoping that Devs will bring back the good days. Pretty darn sad. The game is a little bit better than BF1 in my mind, which is not bad. I just lucked out when I logged on to Origin and seen the game selling for 50% off. That is a first for me, as I always paid full price for a BF game.
  20. Any dedicated servers yet? If not, then the game is a no for me



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