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Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts


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  2. Don't have a ton of playing time but always enjoyed bf3 and looking to get back into a bit for a change. Is anyone here still playing?
  3. It´s online now. But no new maps and mods at this time. https://veniceunleashed.net/download
  4. cool have to look in to this ..BF3 was great
  5. BF 3 is alive In the trailer embedded above, you can see what will be possible in Battlefield 3 with the framework called “Venice Unleashed” (VU). Not only can you use it to create your own maps and vehicles, but also modify existing ones or even create completely new game modes. The video shows, among other things, a replica of the Counter-Strike map de_dust2, as well as a bicycle and a modified buggy. But that doesn't stop there: The entire gameplay can also be rebuilt. This is shown, for example, by a top-down shooter in which you shoot waves of AI-controlled opponents. Dedicated servers and more: At the same time, with VU you can also host private dedicated servers with a higher tick rate than the official ones. You can also customize other simple gameplay elements such as the suppression fire. https://veniceunleashed.net Hope that works too ..... greetings from the darkness Woody
  6. ..and after five minutes he stops playing furiously. hahahahaha
  7. if you see me in team sp stop in i'll play bf3 or bf4 with you ..
  8. Fair comment Barron, never saw your original post, only saw this when others posted on it yesterday, makes me wonder now why something was done about it, might have saved the server.
  9. Ah here guys come on I made that I made that post in January and yes it is BF3 but its completely separate from BF3 as it doesn't use Battlelog and such. I just posted it for people to try out the mod if they were interested. It had nothing to do with XI hosting a server with the BF3 mod as its for private hosting only (From your own PC).
  10. Haha we just got rid of the BF3 server, Ricko is 100% correct many people said they would play BF3 and we are still waiting for most of them to show their faces, it was the same group in there everyday trying to make this server work and then people who hardly played it started coming and changing maps and game modes so that's what finished me playing it, not because a "new" game came out, i really think you are taking the piss with this post to be honest Barron.
  11. bf3 server we wanted bf3 we got players wanted to play they said and guess what again not then something new comes out guess what?
  12. For anyone looking to install and play the mod you must first register on this website : https://sso.emulatornexus.com/ From there you create your account and make sure to open up your email to recieve the confirmation email. Once that is done it should say that you have successfully registered. You then should get the option to link your Origin account to Emulator Nexus.*** This needs to be done or else your game wont work *** Once thats done you need to download the Venice Unleashed Installer here : http://veniceunleashed.net/downloads (Dont download the zip just download the installer) Either Google Chrome/Firefox will disable the download once its downloaded. You need to make an exception for the file to open it. (It's not a virus) From there you should be able to run the installer and once its completed you should see a Venice Unleashed Icon on your Desktop and your good to go . (Use same username and password as you did to sign up) ***Word of advice (Temporially disable Anti Virus to open the Venice Unleashed) ***Also you may need to make an exception rule in your Firewall to run the game
  13. I might have to check it out. I am still waiting for origin to respond to a ticket. I had premium and one of the dlc wont download. Says i have to purchase it. Of course i sent it a month ago. LOL
  14. I just played 2 rounds of Wake Island on conquest there and it just looks amazing with the color corrections and tweakers. Its defintely worth a look!

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