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So you failed installing Optifine

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Installing Optifine can make your game unplayable on the server. That kind of sucks, especially since it's your fault. This happens for two reasons; 1. You didn't remove FastCraft., 2. You installed a version of Optifine which is too new.

Here's some help to get Optifine working, if you're using something produced by Apple then please go away.

  • Download Optifine D1 from here https://optifine.net/adloadx?f=OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_D1.jar (You can google yourself over there if you don't trust links. It's 2019, you shouldn't)
  • Press your Windows key and type in %appdata% and then double click .technic . Then go to modpacks > the-1710-pack. 

Screenshot_1.png.e17c71df4e617865beff746d3b03651e.png                 Screenshot_2.png.98e88083e66e4c63c93159fb55493d78.png

  • If the previous step was too complicated you can simply open the launcher, press Modpack Options and then Open on the Install Folder line.


  • Now find FastCraft by utilizing your search function and place it in a folder on your desktop or somewhere else, delete it if you think that's a good idea. You should find a .jar file and a .ini file.


  • Take your OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_D1.jar file and add it to the folder mods. Now double click your Optifine file just for the fun of it.

Screenshot_4.png.35196138672b705ceed5f9c019f5cc35.png               Screenshot_5.png.cf14e731765d9a9d40683035c8dc24b7.png

  • You're set. Go play with your zoom feature and not much else important.


*Just to note. It is possible that other versions of Optifine below D5 work, I simply haven't tested them.

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1 hour ago, 7Toes said:

So what does that have to do with spanking the monkey.or rubbing one out?


I'll try to remember to add that to my next post. I might have overlooked that part.

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This looked better on the drawing board honestly. Make it clearer, concise, and straight forward. Anyhow I hope this can be to help to any person on the server wanting to add optifine to their pack

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