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was thinking of buying this

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type processor AMD Ryzen
processor 3500
aantal processorkernen 6
aantal hdmi-aansluitingen 1
processor cache (mb) 16
maximale frequentie processor (ghz) 4,1
intern geheugen (gb) 8
intern geheugentype DDR4-SDRAM
opslagtype HDD+SSD
harde schijf (gb) 1000
totale opslagcapaciteit (gb) 1256
totale opslagcapaciteit hdd (gb) 1000
totale opslagcapaciteit ssd (gb) 256
geïntegreerde geheugenkaartlezer  
dedicated videokaart NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
model videokaart NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
videogeheugen (mb) 4000
on-board videokaart Niet beschikbaar
soort optische drive  
bluetooth-versie 4,2
kloksnelheid (mhz) 3600


is this good for playing on heavy games like, arma3, escape from tarkov, life is feudel?




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Stay away from the 3500x if I was you... " Like the 3600, it packs half a dozen Zen 2 cores that come clocked at 3.6 GHz for the base. ... The key difference is the lack of SMT (simultaneous multithreading) support for the 3500X, where the R5 3600 packs 6-cores / 12-threads, the 3500X features just 6 threads, much like the Core i5-9400F "  Get the 3600 as it will do 12 threads which is much better performance.  The cooler that comes with the 3600 isn't the best in the world but there are good coolers out there that are reasonable to add.  Just built a 3600 system for my brother and that cpu out preforms my R7-2700x in games but is a little bit behind when it comes to video processing/converting.

Here is a review with some benchmarks on the 3500x...

Ryzen 5 3500x review

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Either go 2700x or 3700x I have the 2700x and it has been doing really good for the past year for me, if money is a issue then 2700x if not go 3700x. I am going to base the rest of my opinion on Arma 3 mostly as I do not have much experience with EFT or LIF. If you want to run Arma 3 nicely you will need to up your ram to either 16GB or 32GB and really try to go for either 4x4 or 8x4/4x8 I forget, you need a good CPU so either the 2700x or the 3700x work great. You will need more space SSD wise I would scrap the HDD and put a 1TB SSD instead and keep the 1TB SSD as a storage drive along with the 256GB SSD as your OS drive. These specs will probably more than accommodate LIF but EFT is give or take because it is a resource hog as it is from what I heard so maybe a better GPU for EFT.

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