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  1. Boogyman

    happy birthday dirk.you are missed on crysis,hardcore,
  2. Boogyman

    I welcome you,but you gotta take it easy on this old man.
  3. thanks for your time and effort, we couldnt get along with out you.
  4. Boogyman

    I realy like the way you are staying on top of the game X-Ray. Good job.
  5. Boogyman

    count me in for thursday nights.
  6. Boogyman

    I salute you X-Ray.
  7. Boogyman

    Hurray for x-ray.
  8. Boogyman

    Thank you X-ray.
  9. Boogyman

    Happy birthday sabre,have a good one.
  10. Fantastic,the tension is building,somyone is going to fix this,I can hardly contain myself,Im starting to get a woody.lol.
  11. Boogyman

    Happy birthday,have a good one.
  12. PLEASE SOMEBODY fix this,Hardcore crysis is my drug of choice.Cant live without it.I need my thursday night fix.
  13. Where there is a will there is a way. {Boogyman}
  14. Boogyman

    Happy birthday {puncher} Dirk.
  15. Boogyman

    Happy birthday Kat sweet 16.