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  1. OK GUYS and gals, Need help if anyone can. I am not very good with xls templates in Microsoft Office. I am trying to create a xls template of a printable food preparation sheet for a restraunt I work with. Where i can add new items and change items to something else. Tried finding templates on-line. Can anyone help please? I can post a word document of basicly what I need if that would help. Hardcore
  2. Yes. Me and 6ftunder play it. Didn't think i would like this type of game but we try play it daily. Like other games. helps to play the story line.
  3. Let us know what the problem is. Lets see if we can get you back on line.
  4. Just curious if anyone plays fallout 76. Drop your game name. usa_hardcore
  5. Ok guys. I have a issue with a dbf file format editing it. It is a itemm.bdf A food product data base. The file has gotten to big and I am trying to take things off to shorten the list. it is only 1601kb . the editing software I have only Xs things out. Does not remove them. If someone that knows about this stuff and pm me so we can discuss. I would appreciate it. Thanks Hardcore
  6. That is the correct name sourtap. Everyone was questioning this guy this morning.
  7. yes, that is our thought I think corrupted data base files
  8. Already checked, they have no clue. it was wrote 30 years ago, all the i.t. are young and none of the old timers as they call us are around anymore.
  9. This is for the programmers and coders I guess. I have a software issue in a work place system. Here what I have We have a pc windows xp based pos or point of sale system where I work in a restruant. the system is modded to track orders, sales, payroll, running payroll, employee dbf's and such. When in the payroll system. we can adjust time in and time outs for those who forget to clock in or out. all changes are recorded to a accumulated payroll and a master labor summary Now the error I am getting. If I do any adjustments and exit the change times. I get a error message program tspos 1.7 -error info error number 3163 error description the field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. try inserting or pasting less data error location modTSModsRS.bas. sub writeTSModsTSaudit, line 195 time 2019-02-25 09:42:39.197 Does anyone have a clue where the issue is or what to look for.
  10. Preditor. He breaks everything. haha
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