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  1. Espo

    Too bad - gone, back in black!
  2. the server is still not working properly. map starts and the ping goes to 999.
  3. Espo

    the zombie server is not working properly. map starts and the ping goes to 999. the other servers are working.
  4. The zombie server keeps crashing after the Bog map.
  5. I was having the same issue PingLo. I uninstalled punk buster, re-installed and all went well. espo
  6. I did delete the g13ftag mod and got the same result. I'll delete my profiles next. If that doesn't work, I'll delete and re-install. I've read a few others that had the same problem on other servers and that is what they did. By the way great servers, mods and site. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll let you know what i find out.
  7. can not get on ftag server 2. I get a "fastfile for zone 'mod' is corrupt or unreadable. I can connect to server 1 and all other <XI> servers except server 2. any help would be apprecitated. Espo



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