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  1. DeemerXI

    The Sombra character in Overwatch uses this ability heavily.
  2. DeemerXI

    Lighting this thread back up. Any way to get an Overwatch channel in Discord??
  3. DeemerXI

    Will do. Ill be back on in a couple hours. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  4. DeemerXI

    Thanks for playing with us last night Nisty! You did very well! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  5. DeemerXI

    Do you play comp? Would you like to?? Having an XI comp Overwatch team would be schweet. Whats your battletag? Deemer#11363
  6. DeemerXI

    FPS That requires mad team skills and composition. Classes range from Tanks to "DPS"(Characters that deal damage) to support(healers). 6v6 teams. Try it out.. Free weekend starts tomorrow. I've got hundreds of hours with BF and COD. I've not played a single minute since buying Overwatch.
  7. DeemerXI

    Anyone looking for something to play, Overwatch is having a free weekend starting tomorrow. VERY fun. Add me on battlenet Deemer#11363 and we can group up.
  8. DeemerXI

    This game is amazing. Haven't enjoyed a game like this since Freeze Tag. I'm almost to Diamond..trying to get there before the season ends next week. I would love to group up with you guys. Deemer#11363 And for God's sake old people... when are you guys moving to Discord for full voice/chat????
  9. Ok, so if members are "here for the long haul", the "old mod" will only be old to our members, but appear new to others I also agree that the old mod was more fun. Personally, I stopped playing as much because of the constant change of things, and the high pings. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers nor am I unappreciative of the thousands of hours put into these mods, but a lot of times, it seems decisions are made without even asking players what they think. I'll even bring up the ACR. Did the majority of our player base decide to remove the ACR? Or was it because a single or couple of COD admins thought it was too OP. It seems a lot of times voices fall on deaf ears because it differs from the opinion of others. So, if we want members to be "here for the long haul", we should value their participation in our servers on the same level as guests and hear what they have to say in these forums.
  10. Yeah, I would be way more involved if it were later in the evening. Weekend mornings are NOT a good time for me with having family stuff going on all the time and taking priority. Bottom line is you are asking everyone to commit to a time, which is almost impossible to do. It's not that we are blowing it off; we just have RL shit that is more important than a game.
  11. DeemerXI


    Sammy what other games are on this server????
  12. It's okay. I have a real problem with not knowing when you hit someone. That and team-mates names don't immediately pop up, so I'm constantly TK'ing.
  13. DeemerXI

    I'd rather see a site that's easy on the eyes and be able to actually read shit and THEN learn later that I can change themes to my liking... that's just me
  14. DeemerXI

    ^^ This.... I like plain solid colors, preferably light gray or white. My eyes start to bleed on the other backgrounds!!
  15. I now have 3 2 keys to give away. Let me know who's interested
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