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  1. Mekketom

    i tried baking it.. put it back in.. and you know what.. the fucker started ... seems to be ok.... but now my win7 is messed up. no updates or anything... so trying to upgrade to 10 and se if i can get the old bastard running again.. hope to be in game soon.....
  2. Mekketom

    No I have not tried that. When I put the card back in.. It won't start up or freeze in middle of the start up. Done a full re install and everything. Tried it in my son's pc too.. Same thing.. It is getting old so.. It is a msi gtx780.. Saving to by me a new one to build. Hoping to get the rtx series
  3. Mekketom

    well.. i am not in game these days.. my f...n videocard died on me.. and my computer are now only usable for paying the f...n bills. old p.o.s. and i cant afford a new one for a while. so.. no killing and fun for me for a while.
  4. Mekketom

    I will.. Hmmm... Wonder if my old adm login are still active.. Delete delete delete..
  5. Mekketom

    Ohhh I do
  6. Mekketom

    There is alot of times the servers just times out when connecting them. And they need a reset. For us Europe players.. There is not always adm's around to do so.. Due to time differences.
  7. Mekketom

    Ty everyone... Glad to be back..
  8. Mekketom

    Ty ty. I play Codwaw. Bf4 sometimes. Been away for a while. So have some catching up to do.
  9. Mekketom

  10. Mekketom

  11. Mekketom

    Hi phantom. Nice hearing from you.
  12. Mekketom

    Hi Olive.. Good hear from you. Yeah we had some idiot moments hope to see you in game soon.
  13. Mekketom

  14. Mekketom

    Ty for that.
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