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  1. Mekketom

    Ty everyone... Glad to be back..
  2. Mekketom

    Ty ty. I play Codwaw. Bf4 sometimes. Been away for a while. So have some catching up to do.
  3. Mekketom

  4. Mekketom

  5. Mekketom

    Hi phantom. Nice hearing from you.
  6. Mekketom

    Hi Olive.. Good hear from you. Yeah we had some idiot moments hope to see you in game soon.
  7. Mekketom

  8. Mekketom

    Ty for that.
  9. Mekketom

    What...? You haven't heard of the famous mekk?
  10. Mekketom

    No don't... I sold it.
  11. Mekketom

    Hi there
  12. Mekketom

    Well.. I am definitely thinking about it.. I miss all the fun.
  13. Mekketom

    so... remember me? its been ages since ive been in here kicking your ass `s. used too be cod5 adm in here.. so how is life treating everyone?
  14. Mekketom

    wow.. im more amazed that someone else from Norway finally found its way into this mad house.



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