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  1. Sensei

    IS THERE away to test to see if i have it correct that you know off?
  2. Sensei

    Hi Mate got key echo and can hear my voice through the headphones when I talk YUCK
  3. Good day or evening, need some help to set up mic in modern warfare, I can see the mic show up when I push the letter needed to chat, but nothing, it also does not show in the modern warfare options. I Never use a mic normally only teamspeak which is no longer on pc. I have the Soundblaster X7 set up. I know you guys would love to hear old Senzei, kitty really can't wait. So any help please ?
  4. Sensei

    Yaccster that is not very nice now is it, be nice I can't help killing you all the time, just be nice
  5. Sensei

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i WILL UNINSTALL Steam version then and put my CD version on what a pain. Only game I play, Love killing bashing Xi, Great server , great bunch love the banter.
  6. Sensei

    Yaccster old Senzei needs help I can't work out what has happened and how to correct it, XI are not getting shoot bashed by old senzei piease help, I will be nice to you in the future I wont kill you so much .
  7. Hi People , 2 days ago when loading Modern warfare the version somehow has gone to 1.6.1360 multi player. It was fine so no idea why all of a sudden this has happened Have tried 1.7 patch also uninstalled and reinstalled but I cannot get it to 1.7 it is the steam version and this is the message I get (Setup has detected that you have a digitally distributed version of Call of Duty)4 - Modern Warfare(TM) installed. Please refer to your original vendor for a patch compatible with your version of the game. Anyone able to help please ?
  8. Sensei

    To those who have bothered to read the post and reply Well done you have past the idiot test and have seen the deliberate mistake well done true you are Extreme Idiots the test was needed to see who of you should stay at your posts. So Sensei takes it by the amazing response that is a NO then Always better to keep the better players out. Sensei will just keep bashing you all until you break. No more hiding XI you should all be very afraid Must say great servers good fun. Well Done
  9. Sensei

    Now Guys and GirlsIt is way past XL making our loving old Sensei a member. He is always on servers when he is not . Just because Sensei is so much better then you lot Don't be babies invite him in. His skills are amazing we at XL can learn from our Master. So come on don't be shy Invite in Sensei We agree
  10. Sensei

    Guys it really is about time our loving old sensei had a good few medals or should we say AWARDS Calm down all , we can see you want to give him the lot, GOOD CALL Top man He will be interested to see which ones we give him 1st . He would like to thank all those he tremble before him and welcome him to the forums. He may well take pity on our lack of deadly skills and of course his deadly finishings
  11. Sensei

    Well it is nice to hear from you all, no doubt someone nice who appreciates Sensei and his amazing skills will invite this little old man into the club, he awaits his invite If not then you can all expect more pain and lots of suffering Then those who are very scared need to hope he does not find you. Anyway guys nice to hear from you.
  12. Sensei

    Now you horrible lot expect this is in the wrong section but loving old Sensei is getting very fed up with getting booted from server to make way for other clan members Now he knows that many of you out there, are very jealous of his deadly skills and he lethal finishing's He is aware that many of you are very unhappy with this level of skills that you lot can only dream off Even though he is always on your servers you never ever invite him in No sorry he was once by a Raven. Nothing seemed to happen though. So loving old sensei is open for offers, but you need to move fast to get such a bloody good bloke, He will teach you all the Road to Enlightenment
  13. Sensei

    ok went on your with no problem at all but can't at all, now how does that make sense I hope it can be sorted as old 98 year old SENZ will be back so all XL be very afraid
  14. Sensei

    tried but sadly just can't get it to work, as said fine on every other server so makes no sense. So won't be on your fantastic server until I can get it sorted, tried all the above
  15. Hi XL, was trying loads today to get on your server but kicked,restriction corrupted file/memory 81354/3 Only thing is it does not happen on any other servers, just yours. I know that you guys can't take the deadly skills and lethal finishing's of old Senzei. So you add a kick Senzei BOT on server, well how dare you all. Can anyone tell this poor old Senzei why only on your server he get kicked booted If on all can understand but why o why o Why
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