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  1. Hello my adorable freaks. I wish all and their loved ones a wonderful Valentine's Day. cuddly greetings Yours, Skuld / Anja
  2. welcome Snuller, have a nice time
  3. Have an great day
  4. happy B-day
  5. Have a nice special day
  6. great Job
  7. ... and have a great time
  8. Happy B-Day and great Day
  9. have an nice time on ur special Day
  10. .. and i want my >XI< Clantag,after 4 Years, so let me in I´m at Work for 9 months now, after nearly 6 Years without and i´m happy, my reallive likes me together. Any Questions ? - i´m here -
  11. hey lovley mates, i found this page again an this cms is better than the old :-) i am nearly 39 years old and comes from germany , have two cats and work at home as network supporter. love to admin my own community at and my real live friends . more questions, tell me at teamspeak . See ur at Warfields and make all enemys an new asshole with my knife