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    This is the trace....whatever that means lol. I will also try adjusting my firewall. One new thing on this computer is Mcafee instead of Avast. Tracing route to c-162-248-95-178.managed-ded.inap-nyc.nfoservers.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 67 ms 4 ms 5 ms 2 12 ms 10 ms 11 ms 3 24 ms 13 ms 14 ms 4 24 ms 26 ms 32 ms rc3no-be11-1.cg.shawcable.net [] 5 52 ms 46 ms 51 ms rc2nr-be110-1.wp.shawcable.net [] 6 67 ms 85 ms 77 ms rc3fs-hge0-15-0-0.mt.shawcable.net [] 7 80 ms 84 ms 74 ms rc1eqn-tge0-0-0-0.uk.shawcable.net [] 8 79 ms 164 ms 317 ms nyiix1.voxel.net [] 9 75 ms 77 ms 76 ms bbr2.ae7.nym007.pnap.net [] 10 168 ms 118 ms 90 ms core4.be4.inapvox-lag.nym007.pnap.net [] 11 214 ms 110 ms 76 ms border1-po1-bbnet1.nyj004.pnap.net [] 12 77 ms 85 ms 78 ms inap-b1e1.e5.router.nyc.nfoservers.com [] 13 85 ms 75 ms 79 ms c-162-248-95-178.managed-ded.inap-nyc.nfoservers.com [] Trace complete.
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    Hey guys. For the last little while, I have been unable to join the COD4 servers. I always get the awaiting connection countdown until 10 and then it says timed out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled COD4. I hit refresh servers multiple times and once in a blue moon it will connect as if there is no issue. This is on my new computer, which is a Dell Inspiron 5675 with the Ryzen 5 processor. I am at a loss and I can't seem to find much online about it. Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Mostly the Witcher 3 right now.
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    Well....thanks for all the input guys. I should have had more details. G300 wired mouse. Garbage windows 10. I would love to go back to XP. What puzzles me is that it doesn't happen consistently. I will have to check out rolling my windows back. Trying a new usb port is pretty simple too.
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    Hey guys, In the last couple weeks, I am suddenly starting to experience mouse lag/delay. It does not seem to happen all the time. When I load up COD4 everything is fine. The cursor follows as I move the mouse. As soon as the map finishes loading, boom...slight mouse delay...almost like a swaying motion. I have not changed any hardware or software (unless my kids installed some malware....punks). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Haven't been on in a while. Thanks guys!
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    Thanks guys. I will check things out.
  8. Ok. I have an issue with a Steam game. I got CoD Black Ops 2 for my son. I installed single player, multi and Zombies. He has played it for a while. Just last week he tried to start Zombie and it said preparing to launch and then crashed. I had to use task manager to force close Steam because it said Zombies was running. When we restarted Steam it said it was running. I tried exiting Steam again and got the same warning that I had to close Zombies first, which of course I can't. I restarted my computer and then Steam still had Zombies as running. I then uninstalled Steam (without protecting the steamapps folder @#[email protected]#$) and removed all my games in the process! After I reinstalled Steam I reinstalled CoD BO2. When we tried to run Zombies it did the same thing. Now it always says running beside it. I am able to log out of Steam without issue, but there is no playing Zombies. The single player and Multiplayer still work. It is really weird.
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    I don't have PnkbstrA or PnkbstrB in that list. I just installed windows 10 last night.
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    Wow! Awesome! Thanks all. I look forward to more gaming with all of you. I am a proud Canadian and tip my hat to all my fellow Canadians. Merci Frenchi. I will see you on the battlefield and I am excited that I will not be booted to make room anymore
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    That is why they didn't make the video in the US
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    Well happy Anniversary as an XI I guess
  14. LOL...I think I saw this before, but I always enjoy other peoples pain.
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