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  1. Kamo7s

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Kamo7s

    Have you thought about Star Trek Online? There are all sorts of quest options from space combat to landing party quests. There's a lot to do in it. I haven't played for a while but I've been toying with the idea of getting back into it.
  3. Kamo7s

    You can try https://roll20.net/ I've played over Skype with a friend. If you don't have dice, there are even apps for that on the Play Store and I think there are some on the Apple store.
  4. Kamo7s

    Four hours ago I'm sure there were people working.
  5. Kamo7s

    I don't have World at War so I won't be on it. If ever there comes a time when we get a COD4 CTF server, I'll be there.
  6. Kamo7s

    I would LOVE a CTF server for COD4MW. I miss that gametype.
  7. Kamo7s

    That is NOT the kind of handmade mayonnaise I want on a sandwich!
  8. Kamo7s

    Is this a food truck in your neck of the woods?
  9. Kamo7s

    NO! TBB! JUST NO! I'm not cleaning up after people like that!
  10. Damn, Chile! That GIF made me cross my legs and brought a tear to my eye!
  11. If you had your own food truck, what would you call it and what would you serve? I've thought about mine for a long time. The name of mine would be: "Surely you're yolking!" I would serve primarily breakfast sandwiches and sides. You could have it on whatever type of bread you'd like. If you have eggs, they can be cooked any way you want. You could have a selection of about 6-8 cheeses, several types of meat from bacon to turkey to bbq. Probably have an assortment of different vegetables, cooked or raw. I'd have sides from the usual hashbrowns or fries to things like baked beans or slaw. I would have the staple beverages on board. This would, of course, have to be an extended truck to have everything I want in it, may even buy a small bus and modify it.
  12. Kamo7s

    Guess I need to start sharing some of my recipes. My Dad was a Certified Executive Chef and culinary instructor before he passed away in 2017. I should show off the things he's taught me.
  13. @Bombshell is because she's the Defrost Queen and doesn't hate me forever when I shoot her. @pitbullpete because he's the absolute best comic relief. @ANGU5 simply be cause he's an asshole and doesn't care who knows. Plus he's a pretty cool guy.
  14. Kamo7s

    Did you make enough to share with the entire class?
  15. My resolution is to work more on my graphic design work, get my t-shirt design business more exposure, get my blog up and running again, and dust off my photography gear and create more art. And get a longer penis.
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