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  1. SGTSmeg

    In all honesty they are a blast to ride. When we had our son, we didn't have the time to deal with a larger boat. So we traded the boat in for a 3 seater Kawasaki. We live near the river and it was easy to drop it in and spend a couple hours on the water. We'd spend hours water skiing and tubing and it was a great platform for doing that. But as he got older we found ourselves out of room. Plus he didn't want to spend the time to get his PWC certification. So we dumped it and got into a larger boat. Meant no disrespect to you, it sounds like you definitely got a handle on things. But I'll tell you, around these parts it's everyone for themselves...
  2. SGTSmeg

    Used to have a jet ski (and boats)....now can't stand them anymore. Been boating for 40+ years. Jet Skier's have zero etiquette around other boats / boaters. They are like gnats. Annoying as hell
  3. SGTSmeg

    You'll be easy to figure out because you're the only one wearing a trench coat in both!
  4. SGTSmeg

    This is sweet @Tron you need to record her reaction (good or bad)!
  5. SGTSmeg

    Oh I had typed up something much more direct than you typed. I find no humor in this at all....quite the opposite frankly.
  6. SGTSmeg

    I can barely play the 15 year old game I have, why would I put myself through that misery?
  7. Ping went from 19-20 to 72-73. Its laggier for me I was killing it in game. Of course I was playing by myself......
  8. SGTSmeg

    But did you retire your trench coat?
  9. SGTSmeg

    You don't need a new friggin' puter....just bunny hop faster you're already impossible to hit!
  10. SGTSmeg

    Hahaha Lead Foot! Looks like a great trip! Never been, looks beautiful!
  11. SGTSmeg

    So I'd like to understand how an AR-15 is different than most other semi-auto rifles or handguns for that matter? You're right it isn't. In 1907 you could order a Winchester model 1907, A high powered centerfire rifle with detachable high capacity magazines, from the Sears catalog. And it was shipped via USPS. There are an estimated 400 million firearms in the united states, over 20 million of those are AR styled rifles. But somehow it's now an AR problem? Wrong, this is a societal problem. 77% of all mass shootings have been done with handguns, not AR / semi-auto rifles. Take cars away from people. Because they may use it and kill someone while driving drunk. That is attacking the symptom and not the problem. Relax HIPAA laws so that doctors are required to red flag patients that pose a potential threat to the public. Make insurance companies pay for mental health services. Like a local county here just passed, they are putting in bulletproof vestibules in all of their schools that they can lock criminals in when they come to do harm to kids. Just like banks have. If teachers don't want to carry, then train, certify and pay people to carry and protect our kids in schools. I know a lot of people that are out of work that would love to help protect the kids. There are a number of things that could have a big impact. But people have a difficult time separating emotion from real facts and logic. I get it I am pissed too! However, new legislation and banning firearms will have no impact at this point. There are just too many out there and they have no idea where they are. My 2 cents
  12. SGTSmeg

    There is so much I want to say in a reply to this. However, I will keep those thoughts to myself (for now). Just know that I am in complete agreement with you regarding mental health. I stated that in my first response. How we got to this mental health crisis is the real issue. Treating mental health issues are really just attacking the symptoms of a much deeper problem with society. Federal background checks are already done on every legally purchased firearm in the United States. Want to improve them? Sure...how? Will raising the age to 21 help? Perhaps ever so slightly. The average age of mass shooters is 33.2 years of age. How do you tell a 20 year old soldier in the U.S. Army that is trained (probably expertly so) that he cannot own his own rifle? Remember, at age 18, every male in the united states is required to register for the selective service. Do we raise the minimum age to join the U.S. Military to 21? If so you just decimated the United States Military. So many thoughts that surround this. I applaud your impassioned response to the crisis at hand. I want nothing more than for it to stop. Yet I also understand that there are absolutely no laws or legislation that will achieve the result desired.
  13. SGTSmeg

    Yet here you are playing a first person shoot em up game
  14. SGTSmeg

    Not to be a dick, but do you want to fiddle with a friggin trigger lock at that instant when it comes time to protect you and your family? Not I! My firearms are all in safes. My handguns are in a safe in my room that has quick access combination if needed. I carry to protect me, my family and those around me if needed. Have been doing so for years and you'd never know unless you threatened me or my family. I have been properly trained in firearm handling and understand the responsibilities of their use. Anyone that thinks someone (including teachers) in that school with the proper training might not have had an impact on the outcome of this tragedy is flat out wrong. We live in a different world anymore. This mindset has to change, for the sake of our kids. There is not a single piece of gun legislation that will ever stop these tragedies, unfortunately. More gun laws will only give some people a false sense of security and make them feel safer, when in reality they do absolutely nothing. More gun laws will continue to embolden criminals and provide them with even MORE avenues to reign terror on our society. Because we all know that criminals don't obey laws. Only law abiding people do. This kid grew up in a broken household. Did not have a father figure in the household. He lived with his maternal grandparents because his mother was going through hard times. His mother lived with her boyfriend in another part of town. He was beat up and bullied in school. His classmates spoke of his aggression and constantly picking fights. The signs were there.....but nobody spoke up. When our society and our insurance companies finally recognize mental health, treat it and make insurance companies pay for it, perhaps we will see some change. But all we are taught by our politicians, teachers, social media and main stream media is that we are all haters, racists and murderers. No wonder people are so fucked up anymore. Brainwashed.... Anyway, why was the side door to the school unlocked that this POS entered? I can't get into my local school without buzzing the front door where there is a camera and you're met by a school resource officer to escort you to the main office. These poor kids and their families. Pray for them. I don't care if anyone agrees with me. New gun legislation will do nothing to prevent this type of tragedy.
  15. SGTSmeg

    My wife is currently laid up with COVID. Brought it back from NC with her. I am fine, no symptoms and tested negative this morning. For her it's just like a bad cold / flu. Nothing unmanageable. We had one shot (only because we had to so we could keep our jobs)....and will not get a booster.
  16. Got home earlier than expected, may join after dinner!
  17. SGTSmeg

    Congratulations, that's fantastic!
  18. SGTSmeg

    Right?! I do enough reading for work! Freezetag > reading anyday!
  19. SGTSmeg

    Won't make it this month, have fun all....
  20. SGTSmeg

    Does a snake even have a neck? Welcome to the funny farm!
  21. SGTSmeg

    Well I think I have the best "work from home" office this week. I love sitting on the screen porch while I work. Wife and I got out on the charter boat yesterday. The bite was slow but we didn't get skunked like 75% of the fleet did. I ended up reeling in a 10lb Black Fin Tuna. Wife hooked into a decent size false albacore and it fought like hell. She ended up tapping out and I had to finish pulling it in. Somehow it got the line wrapped around its tail and that was a motherfu*#er to pull in. Between that 10lb Tuna and the False Albacore I was ready to cry uncle! That is no joke! Mad props to those guys pulling in 155lb big eye tuna's and such. Since the trolling bite was slow we did a little bottom fishing and caught our limit of tilefish. 400 feet down with a 4 lb weight to keep it on the bottom. Caught two on the line at a time the first two casts. then finished up with one more each. We ate good last night! My buddy and I decided to head out to the beach at high tide and spin a little flaming steel wool for some fun photos. So far a really fun trip.
  22. SGTSmeg

    You're exactly right. New gun restrictions / laws will have NO impact on the scumbags that want to do people harm. Criminals don't give a rats ass about laws of any kind. All gun laws do is give some people a false sense of security and have absolutely no impact. Gun grabbers will never go door to door in the US to confiscate guns.....they will have a rude awakening if that happens in this country.
  23. SGTSmeg

    Thanks @Biotech I'll save the thong pics for later
  24. SGTSmeg

    it rained almost the entire way down here. Sun came out after we arrived and it turned out to be a nice afternoon. We spent about 2 hours cleaning up sand from the storm last week. There was almost 6" of sand underneath the house (where we park) and a couple of inches on the deck and screened in porch. Finally got the drone out a few minutes before sunset last night to take a look around. The storm last week took its toll on the dunes and washed a couple of houses out to sea down in Rodanthe a few miles south of here. In the picture and video you can see the Bodie Island Lighthouse and the Basnight Bridge that goes over Oregon Inlet. Nags Head 720p.mp4
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