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  1. Black_Cat13

    It is going to be on September 28 Recoil, says it all day, hope you can make it cause I will lol
  2. Ok cool glad to hear it and fu! Budman, im over here minding my own business and you come and flick me off 😂😂
  3. Hey monkie, am I part of that list of 4? I replied in the other post that I wanted to.
  4. Black_Cat13

    OOOOOOOO this sounds like fun, i'd be the DM team
  5. I play on Windows 10 and had no problems installing the game. I just used this website, http://www.callofdutyview.net/downloads/ It has all the patches. Some of them aren't necessary.
  6. Black_Cat13

    you flatter me...stop it
  7. Black_Cat13

    At last this is something made just for me 😄
  8. Black_Cat13

    Bunny-hopping is a main strategy of mine, if you take that away from me I won't be able to knife people as much and the fun would be taken out of my game... We can't allow that to happen
  9. Black_Cat13

    Congrats! I see McGrim there...guess ill have to knife him more
  10. It really isn't that big of an issue, they aren't playing to be competitive but to enjoy a game and just have fun. They won't change it, you'll just have to adapt to the way it is and play. I honestly don't get that problem when I play, but thats probably because my ping is under 50 most of the time lol
  11. Black_Cat13

    If youre a great player and liked by the community here thats wonderful, but if youre a great player who is douchebaggy towards others thats another thing. I think whether that player acts in a manner accordingly should decide if they stay or not. This label of "world class" isnt right because its suggesting that XI doesnt have great players which it of course does. The other non members dont complain about getting whooped by them because they arent douches to others. Those that have been banned for apparently being too good is only half of the story as we only hear of fraction of what the admins discuss. Obviously banning great players isnt what you should do, Screaming he or she hacks over and over again because you cant accept the fact a great player can be great without cheats is annoying to see, which causes problems in and of itself. those who may think the admin teams dont do their job should be ashamed cause they do one hell of job looking out for the clan!!!
  12. Black_Cat13

    I just saw the time...I would if I didnt already work.. [email protected]^er ?
  13. Black_Cat13

    Damn this sounds like my kinda match ?
  14. Black_Cat13

    Rugger is right, there is no point in arguing with him over there being other better players out there. Said banned players disrupted the community and servers they played in. If you have one player able to empty an entire server in one map constantly, then is that really helpful to the clan? Even if the player is not a hacker, it isn't good for the clan. Who cares if it is just .005% of the entire clan population, having that kind of impact on a game is toxic in the long run. That is why they take it on a case to case basis. I used to play COD4 competitively, with a 4.0 kdr with over 160k kills and 19 days of playtime, but I don't come to clan this bringing that same mentality of; oh i got to get number 1 so let me just dominate every game. I don't think that most of the members over 40s here are blinded by the fact that they are aging, I'm pretty darn sure they realize they aren't the same as when they were in their 20s and 30s. This clan doesn't ban players for being "world class" on a whim. I stand by whatever decisions they make because they know more about those situations and discussed them endlessly before making a final decision.
  15. Black_Cat13

    I think you need to read better, I said CONCRETE FEEDBACK, which is what this post was designed for but obviously it didn't go in that direction. And about aiming, you whine to me everytime i knife you and you miss with a whole clip i think someone else here needs decent enough aim LOL. But honestly, I'm not attacking you here I'm just saying what I see. Insult me all you want but it makes little difference to what you think of me cause i'll still shoot and knife your ass in game xD You want to get all defensive that's all you, I've never called you any names but you seem to think so. Your tone doesn't indicate SUB ZERO lol but it is what it is. See you on the other end of my knife Street!!!!
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