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  1. That benefits me a lot, please leave the knife. Rob likes getting knifed by me, he would cry if I couldn't knife him.
  2. Black_Cat13

    Welcome Dray!!!
  3. i find it hilarious you use the one finger in the video xD but if that doesn't prove you can click fast nothing will. aim trainer will probably just show that you're human lol but damn 9.2 cps is pretty good. is that with your palm on the mouse? I did it with my palm off and got 11.4
  4. Why is this so personal to you. You're even going out of your way to follow all his posts on so called irrelevant threads lol. Unless you have something of actual substance to say why don't you find better things to do with your time instead of bashing him. Noam is spot on when he says emotional bs. He could post what you want and you still wouldn't believe him lol I am sick of it now. I will go out of my way and look at anything related to people being called cheats, hackers, etc.. because there are times like this when someone who is actually GOOD, gets called a hacker and a chea
  5. Im just going to throw it out there that I also click super fast and people think I scroll wheel fire too lol. For youngins, firing off 12 shots in 2 seconds isn't special it just comes with finger dexterity which is lacking in most for unknown reasons.. Its obvious he is just a super fast clicker, maybe plays too many rhythm games or clicks the mouse too much like me lol It seems all this could've been avoided if people acted maturely throughout this entire thread. Some people take everything personally. When this guy posted proof that he clicks fast, your only reply is the screen
  6. Black_Cat13


    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 12 Questions
    • 8 Players
    All about the big glowing balls of fire in space
  7. Black_Cat13

    Thank you everyone, cleaning and extracting teeth all day, great way to spend my bday ??
  8. Black_Cat13

    Guess the Video Game (Playstation)

    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 13 Players
    Try to guess the game based on the image
  9. Black_Cat13

    One Piece (Pre Timeskip)

    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 16 Questions
    • 7 Players
    Try your knowledge on this anime
  10. Black_Cat13


    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 12 Questions
    • 11 Players
    Test your knowledge on the game of tennis
  11. Black_Cat13

    Dang Rob, so this is how you've been knifing me lately ?
  12. Black_Cat13

    This has Nacho written all over it... ?
  13. Black_Cat13

    Quotes from Star Wars

    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 14 Questions
    • 20 Players
    Guess the character based on the quote
  14. Black_Cat13


    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 14 Questions
    • 6 Players
    For any anime fans, test your knowledge on Naruto
  15. Black_Cat13

    Astronomy (Hard)

    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 12 Questions
    • 12 Players
    Try this harder Astronomy quiz



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