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  1. Black_Cat13

    I don't know who gave me the award but all my hard work knifing and dying have finally paid off. I would like to thank BUDMAN, Beers, Spinpuppy and all the others who have been at the end of my knife for your sacrifices to this cause. Two years of knifing and I am awarded the Jedi Knife Killer and Dying Too Much awards, can't be any happier than now 🤣🤣
  2. Black_Cat13

    Wow congrats man, this promotion still wont deter me from going after you, actually...it makes me want to knife you more
  3. Black_Cat13

    Hardest resolution ive ever made in my life
  4. Black_Cat13

    LOL I see what you did there now, veeeeeeery sly of you Duc
  5. Black_Cat13

    Hackers the both of you 😂
  6. It does play just fine but I just like it when the larger zombies have more health than the smaller ones, it just makes sense lol. Not bashing whoever did it cause kudos to them, I can't mod. ROTU zombies is waaaay harder than this mod, I'm not saying making it impossible but just more health added to the big boys haha. I havent tried shipment yet but I already know it would be hard because its tiny as heck, lol.
  7. I know not many of us play the zombie server on COD4 but we have one of the best zombie mods out there and I was surprised to find that we had it today. After playing on it for like an hour, I found that it was too easy. Mainly talking about the Big Nasty's that appear during the rounds. I just wanted to make a suggestion for the server; that being if it is possible to up the hit points on the larger zombie's (Big Nasty)? It seems like they have the same hit points as the little ones and it just seemed waaaaaay too easy and not much of a challenge even on the final round. Another server had this mod and the large zombie's would take a lot of time, maybe 250 desert eagle shots at min., just to kill. I feel like the server would benefit some if it were more challenging instead of walk in the park easy. Just a suggestion of what I think would be good for it. Kitty Kitty
  8. Black_Cat13

    Puppy, you're taking this too lightly...very serious topic. We pour our hearts and souls into these so called "CARTOONS", thats why when we die in game we rage, our heart and soul is torn each time. I understand why Nacho would be so adamant about this.
  9. Black_Cat13

    until you lose the shotty, NOOB YOU ARE TOO!
  10. Black_Cat13

    I have instigated this, I knife him all the time with it lol, Everytime I come on he tells me its a legal hack. I always say his shotty is the other hack because no way a shotgun has that great of range and kill with one shot.
  11. I've seen others in there and haven't seen a thing said about it before thats why I am asking. Its part of the map though which is why I was there earlier until you told me not to. That way I can tell others to stop too if I see them, if its decided it is off limits. Mmm unless theres another hidden room lol but this one is just a passable wall that leads to a skinny corridor which has a switch that opens a door to teleporters
  12. Just out of curiosity, on the map Turm (its boxed in map made of stone with a long rectangular building in the middle, two stairwells on both sides of the map) inside the middle building on both sides is a wall that you can pass through to activate a switch to open the middle area of that building which has two teleporters which bring you to the bottom of both stairwells. Is staying in that wall off limits? You can shoot through it to kill whoever is in there but only through the portion that is passable. The other three sides the person in there cant shoot through nor anyone else. I've used it before but wanted to know the consensus on that particular [glitch]?
  13. Black_Cat13

    You sure killed your chances Cheesy. Its really harsh in order to keep our community free of hatefulness which racial slurs breed. We may be an adult server but we are a family and hateful conduct isnt needed. And Its crazy you could think you are vindicated to say it all. Just because youre Jewish doesnt mean you can call someone a racial slur... Arguing how you should be ok to say it is not the right way to handle your appeal
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