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  1. fightingseabee

    are there any members in the des moines iowa area? i would love to meet up........ once this whole covid-19 mess is over and we can start doing things like that again
  2. fightingseabee

    Thank you for accepting me to the clan i look forward to playing minecraft with all the minecraft players here
  3. fightingseabee

    just noticed i missed the H in thank you admins....... sorry
  4. fightingseabee

    I know i said it last night but wanted to say thank you to all the admins that responded to the trouble we had on 1.7.10. knowing that we have people that care about keeping the environment safe and friendly for everyone and are willing to respond quickly makes this a fun server to play on.👍
  5. fightingseabee

    I am terrible about posting on the forums. i am not a social person in real life and i guess it carries over to cyberlife. maybe i will get better.
  6. fightingseabee

    why did the police arrest the turkey? they suspected fowl play
  7. fightingseabee

    what do you get when you cross a turkey and a ghost? A poultrygeist!
  8. fightingseabee

    awesome thank you karnthis thats very helpful
  9. fightingseabee

    I have a room set up for a shop but i have no clue how to set the chests up or anything related to setting this up. any suggestions?
  10. fightingseabee

    this is a good one i laughed a lot
  11. fightingseabee

    i served on the Kitty Hawk for 2 years
  12. fightingseabee

    i spemt two years in bagram Afghanistan
  13. fightingseabee

    a fellow bee thats awesome
  14. fightingseabee

    Any active military members or vets here? If you are sound off like you get a pair!!! I will start it off. I am in the U.S. Navy Seabees
  15. fightingseabee

    i would vote for des moines, Iowa....... mainly because i live here
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