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  1. why did the police arrest the turkey? they suspected fowl play
  2. what do you get when you cross a turkey and a ghost? A poultrygeist!
  3. awesome thank you karnthis thats very helpful
  4. I have a room set up for a shop but i have no clue how to set the chests up or anything related to setting this up. any suggestions?
  5. this is a good one i laughed a lot
  6. i served on the Kitty Hawk for 2 years
  7. i spemt two years in bagram Afghanistan
  8. a fellow bee thats awesome
  9. Any active military members or vets here? If you are sound off like you get a pair!!! I will start it off. I am in the U.S. Navy Seabees
  10. i would vote for des moines, Iowa....... mainly because i live here
  11. what monster is the best dancer?? The Boogieman
  12. What do you call scared wood? PETRIFIED!!!
  13. too funny
  14. i will have to share this with my friends that ride motorcycles
  15. i have been gone from minecraft 1.7.10 for a while. my girlfriend had my third son back in april. got back in time to refresh my memorys of my base just to find out the world was resetting. ohh well a fresh start will be ok.