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  1. i have been gone from minecraft 1.7.10 for a while. my girlfriend had my third son back in april. got back in time to refresh my memorys of my base just to find out the world was resetting. ohh well a fresh start will be ok.
  2. LOL i had to share this on facebook
  3. what do you get when you add 5q+5q?
  4. ohh that was post 10 half way to my 20 posts.LOL
  5. lol
  6. i enjoy watching direwolfs lets play videos
  7. towny

    this whole towny thing still confuses me but i am getting better at it. i personally like the golden shovel claim system, its simple.
  8. should be fun
  9. all i see on discord is you dont have permission to view message history
  10. i log into the game and i am just sitting there wiggling around in one spot. several people have logged in while isat there waiting to see if it would load better and they all almost immediately left. i tried exiting and closing the game and restarting it but it is the same result. sitting there dancing around and others logging in and out
  11. i have never been a big forums guy but i would be willing to bounce ideas around
  12. i was wandering through a craig biome fell and died. i did /back to get to my grave marker and tried to break it to get my stuff back and it wont let me break it. i am not trying to grief or anything just get my gear. someone tped to me and told me that the area belongs to wolfpack.
  13. i died while exploring, did /back, but i cant claim my grave marker. when i try to break it, it says outsiders arent allowed to destroy. how do i fix this?
  14. Hello, i am fightiingseabee. i just started playing on the minecraft server. look forward to exploring the world