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    A magic mod such as thaumcraf is one of exploration. Even the the theme as a thaumaturge is to discover new ways to use resources at your disposal in different ways(ie essentia,vis and knowledge). When you start thaumcraft there is no way you can blaze through the entire mod and experience every tool available. I’m guilty of this as I’ve never tried the forbidden magic spawned or golems. Providing an endgame resource gives a player an immediate goal rather than working and learning through the nook and crannies of the ultimate furnace or chameleon tools. Not to mention an endgame node is not comprised of only thaumcraft but of many other mods working in conjunction with each other. You effectively remove the exploration and discovery of how other mods work with thaumcraft because there is no need to. Also going through the process of node bullying is also important to an early game player. They have to choose between getting more energized vis or using the evis immediately
  2. Purfy

    IMO Endgame should be endgame. There shouldn't be an option where you jump into a mod and pay for endgame. There is no progression if you just buy it.
  3. Thank you all! I'll do my best for everyone.
  4. so he slid on the ice when he tried to change lanes? sorry i never dealt with ice before
  5. Purfy

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Purfy

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!
  7. Purfy

    Im abit late but Happy Birthday!
  8. Purfy

    Happy Late Birthday
  9. Purfy

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Purfy

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. If there is demand for the tissues, why not just sell it. People need their tissues
  12. Purfy

    It seems so scary. All it takes is a rock hitting a propeller and the person might fall out of the sky
  13. Purfy

    Not going to be the last time we see him, he will be back for endgame.



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