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  1. iBrock

    welcome to nut house Bamm
  2. iBrock

    Welcome to XI
  3. iBrock

    Welcome to the forums, see out there.
  4. iBrock

    Good thoughts and good vibes headed your way Storm.
  5. iBrock

    Reacher on Prime Video is pretty good, however it is only eight episodes.
  6. iBrock

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I will do what I can to be a good moderator and help the admin team.
  7. iBrock

    Welcome Short Shit, Enjoy the forums
  8. iBrock

    Sorry for your loss Elvis..
  9. iBrock

    Sad news to hear, my prayers go out to you and your family Elvis.
  10. iBrock

    Looks like a relaxing way to spend the day.
  11. iBrock

    MUSHROOMS, gotta have the mushrooms to top the steak and onions.
  12. IF this is being played from steam you'll have to back up the patches by one patch if I remember correctly, otherwise you will never see our servers even populate on the main server list. Look at this and see if this helps your problem..
  13. iBrock

    @major-mark63 that looks a little piece of heaven.
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