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    Cookeville TN
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    IT Consultant, Analyst.. still enjoy computing..

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  1. No brainer on this guy … XI Sniper server @ 3:00 Central Time - Username: robotsharks - using wall hack, no aimbot .. just knows where everyone is at...
  2. Thanks for the update Deerejon
  3. Adalya

    Thanks guys …. appreciate the welcome
  4. Adalya

    Billy you rock .. that's awesome .. I'll just have to hunt you down and shoot you more often.
  5. I've always been an Idiot .. I started out a knucklehead and progressed to idiot status .. hey Moe key Larry … whooob, whoob, whoob, whoob..knyaaaa...
  6. I put my request in, thanks to E-raser support me... speak now or forever hold your shots … I enjoy gaming here and would support you'all.
  7. Short lived games today … see you later on … 

  8. Haven't see you in a long time.. how's the island living..

  9. enjoy gaming with you... your a challenge when your an opponent. 

  10. Billy, I enjoy gaming with you.. lot's of fun in World of War.

    1. Billymilano


      Same here dude ! its always a pleasure playing wilth you .

  11. Oh .. your one of my toughest adversaries .. keep it up because I only get better having you around.

  12. Hi Astronomer .. what do the stars say today .,... I always enjoy looking up  and gaming with you... see yo un game..

  13. I'm getting my posts in .. thanks again for you support ...

  14. Always enjoy gaming with you Mr. Snoop … better having you on my side than not! ..  see you in game.

    1. XxSNO0PxX


      Thank You  Adalya, Likewise. See you in game bud.

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