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  1. Adalya

    Congratulations to the new Admins...
  2. How your doing well today .. send you a PM .. 

  3. I don't think the issue is your AV software. This sounds more like a Graphic issue and may be related to your graphics card and software . The first step in troubleshooting is ensure that all your software is up to date. This means, Windows 10, Graphics card drivers.. etc... Your issue can also be HEAT issues, over heating.. ensure your cooling fans are working properly.. You can also download some free system stress software.. this could help isolate the problem. Memory is also a probability. I would also recommend running Malwarebytes to ensure you don't have some pesty malware infection.. You don't need to make any exceptions for your Norton AV product ..
  4. Hi Shaun, I hope your doing well this day.. Just wanted to let you know it's always a pleasure playing this game with you in it... see you in game...
  5. Thanks for the rotation .. I agree with the brecourt storm comment above my Elvis9
  6. I'll 3rd this.. of course it's about 100th this by now.. Admins do a great job on server...thanks
  7. Adalya

    Thanks Athena...
  8. Adalya

    Thanks D, the feeling is mutual .. we don't lose often when were together..
  9. Adalya means This name derives from the Old Persian and Hebrew “'ădalyâ' > 'adalya”, meaning “I shall be drawn up of Jah”. Adlai was one of the ten sons of Haman who were put to death by the Jews." No I'm not Jewish, not that there's anything wrong with it.. (Seinfeld reference).. I'm more of a spiritual Jew... ok.. blah blah . .you read enuf... Most of you know me who game with me.. Mostly World of War … I do play other games.. but rarely … Thanks for having the servers, really great bunch of guys and gals I've met over this last year it seems.. I've been gaming since Prince of Persia .. some of you remember .. played all the COD series .. still play some sometimes.. I enjoy everyone's active involvement in this gaming community. You can thank deerejon for telling me to get my butt over to the website and sign up... so that's done... See you in game.. Mike Thomas
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