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  1. Mazuga

    just pleeeeease dont strip!
  2. Mazuga

    Hey everyone. muchas gracias! Had a wonderful day! See u on the battlefield!
  3. Mazuga

    Happy birthday cuddling Rat. All the best to you!
  4. Mazuga

    Happy Birthday mate! Enjoy your day!
  5. Mazuga

    Hey everyone. Thank you for your warm welcome! I'm feeling proud to be one of your idiot members... ;-) See you on the battlefields! Greetz Maz
  6. Me and my love ...and my girlfriend at the edge...
  7. Mazuga

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my french friend....
  8. It is the reason, I reduced playing that mod. I got redirected to the empty server of shame more than 30 times. And the stupiest thing is the fact, that sometimes more than 5 XI members are on spec while kicking active players.
  9. Mazuga

    OK. I'll do that. We have a official language, german, and a language we speech in our country called swiss german (noone else will understand that. even Google will fail. ;-) What do you prefer? ;-)
  10. Mazuga

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Mazuga

    Godspawn! Welcome back to Freezetag! Of course i remember u! We used to play on the old G13 servers! Happy fraging and see u on the battlefield! Greetz Maz
  12. Mazuga

    Happy birthday!
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