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  1. Mazuga

    FOUND IT! Ok, it was Win7 ;-( I didn't yet want to do that step, but I had to. It took me 20 minutes to upgrade Win7 to win10 pro. Free btw. COD Modern Warfare runs absolutly perfect on highest graphic settings now. No lags, no errors.... 😉 Thank you all for your hints.
  2. Mazuga

    Wow! Thank you Krackennutz for taking some time. As I just wanted to set these parameters, i realized, that I have to donwload another patch, 23 Gigs.... Maybe they fixed something. My PC reaches 5.14 MB/s, so it will take some minutes. ;-(
  3. Hi all. I have terrible issues playing my new COD MW. The hole game is lagging (Single Player and Solo). It looks like my FPS crash down. After some minutes playing, it freezes and I have to do a restart. I already updatet my Graphic drivers, Win 7 updates, COD MW updates. I already reinstalled the game (yes, another 8h of downloading the game... ;-() I set all graphic parameters to low. It want help anything. I think, my rig should handle it: - i7-6700K, watercooled - 32G RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 - All SSD's I really want to play that game, on PS it looks funny. Anyone else that problem? Or any ideas, what i can do / try? Maybe my Windows 7 is a problem? Many thanks! Mazuga
  4. Mazuga

    Thank you everyone!
  5. Mazuga

    I was looking for "silly french gamer". Then i found this vid...
  6. Frenchi in action... Hardcore Barbie??.mp4
  7. Mazuga

    just pleeeeease dont strip!
  8. Mazuga

    Hey everyone. muchas gracias! Had a wonderful day! See u on the battlefield!
  9. Mazuga

    Happy birthday cuddling Rat. All the best to you!
  10. Mazuga

    Happy Birthday mate! Enjoy your day!
  11. Mazuga

    Hey everyone. Thank you for your warm welcome! I'm feeling proud to be one of your idiot members... ;-) See you on the battlefields! Greetz Maz
  12. Me and my love ...and my girlfriend at the edge...
  13. Mazuga

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my french friend....
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