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  1. Happy Birthday mate! Enjoy your day!
  2. Hey everyone. Thank you for your warm welcome! I'm feeling proud to be one of your idiot members... ;-) See you on the battlefields! Greetz Maz
  3. Me and my love ...and my girlfriend at the edge...
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my french friend....
  5. It is the reason, I reduced playing that mod. I got redirected to the empty server of shame more than 30 times. And the stupiest thing is the fact, that sometimes more than 5 XI members are on spec while kicking active players.
  6. OK. I'll do that. We have a official language, german, and a language we speech in our country called swiss german (noone else will understand that. even Google will fail. ;-) What do you prefer? ;-)
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Godspawn! Welcome back to Freezetag! Of course i remember u! We used to play on the old G13 servers! Happy fraging and see u on the battlefield! Greetz Maz
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. I was also wondering, how some people can shoot with that frequency with a single shot weapon. Finally i got it with the mouse wheel. I feel pretty comfy with the G3, so I tried it aswell. For me, it want work. I loose accuracy. I still prefer single shot with left mouse button... If I need higher bullet frequency, I switch to P"Sally"90..... ;-)
  11. my dream...
  12. Happy birthday!
  13. HAPPY CHICKENDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day mate!