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  1. I say go 4 the 45!
  2. Welcome 2 the clan!
  3. Happy Birthday Gatorgril!
  4. Welcome!
  5. I own a Ruger SR-22. Lots of fun and easy to shoot accurately. Spin is correct about the ammo you shoot. Even the SR-22 does not shoot just anything.
  6. WOW! Nice Fish StormCrow!
  7. Does that mean your not an Idiot after all?
  8. Welcome to the clan!
  9. Nice gun OhMy! I have never shot one of those! Looks like lots of fun! I had no problems with the site Ripzilla! If your computer is protected correctly you should not have any issues.
  10. I caught it on Lake Hamilton .
  11. Here is a walleye I caught 1/4 mile from the house! The best eatin fish in these parts!