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  1. Coffee4You

    I say go 4 the 45!
  2. Coffee4You

    Welcome 2 the clan!
  3. Coffee4You

    Happy Birthday Gatorgril!
  4. Coffee4You

  5. I own a Ruger SR-22. Lots of fun and easy to shoot accurately. Spin is correct about the ammo you shoot. Even the SR-22 does not shoot just anything.
  6. Coffee4You

    WOW! Nice Fish StormCrow!
  7. Coffee4You

    Does that mean your not an Idiot after all?
  8. Coffee4You

    Welcome to the clan!
  9. Coffee4You

    Nice gun OhMy! I have never shot one of those! Looks like lots of fun! I had no problems with the site Ripzilla! If your computer is protected correctly you should not have any issues.
  10. Coffee4You

    I caught it on Lake Hamilton .
  11. Coffee4You

    Here is a walleye I caught 1/4 mile from the house! The best eatin fish in these parts!