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  1. tacobill

    Hope you don't have a shotty birthday!
  2. tacobill

    Have a great birthday.
  3. tacobill

    Hopefully your power supply fixes the issue. (if it was voltage stability issues). If not i had some stupid biostar motherboard before, that would not behave: blue screens, freezes, shutdowns....started acting up and never behaved again until the day i replaced it. (even with different vid card, ram, psu). Wish u the best of luck, that crap can be frustrating.
  4. tacobill

    Take care of that sucker, let it heal so we can shoot you and not feel like i shooting a one armed man. lol.
  5. Ya. Is normally a good program, but the first thing i always did was turn off auto update and monitoring. Filehippo has other versions if u want an older one. LOL it goes from 5.32 to 5.34 skipping 5.33. Thanks for the info.
  6. tacobill

    Congratulations! Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Maybe we will see ya around sometime. Give me a call or message me if you need anymore computer help or you just wanna hang sometime.
  7. I could play in this, but i am getting confused on the team layout / teammates etc... I'll check in a couple days when we figure out how this is working out.
  8. tacobill

    Sad to hear about this. Thoughts and prayers to the family. He was a really cool guy and i want to thank him for inviting me to be a part of XI. He will be missed.
  9. tacobill

    Happy Birthday Boom!
  10. tacobill

    I go to the gym a few times a week....found this Buff Dudes youtube video funny.
  11. tacobill

    Have a great birthday!
  12. tacobill

    That would be a nice setup.
  13. tacobill

    Some of it would also depend on if you are wanting to spend the 300$ or so to get the i5 and mobo. Your 8320 or amd u had could hold you a bit longer if you were saving up. The 750ti would hold you back for gaming if you have some awesome CPU too (bottleneck). The other thing to consider is, if your system is meeting your current needs with the games you play. Food for thought.