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  2. Alot of people have been asking me if im back.. Up till now I havent had an answer. But Ya, Im going to say Im back!!
  3. Help!!! Somehow lost my profile and cant log on or play
  4. GSWho

    Im Waiting for the KEY!
  5. GSWho

  6. GSWho

    Well put DeeJay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you all for your service. Ill drink with ya'll at the VFW!
  7. GSWho

    I Bought the game and have been playing with a couple of other Idiots. Unfortunately we have to play on other servers as ours isn't ranked. I'm sure you have all the reasons so ill shut up. My belief is that the most prudent thing is to do what is right for the money and the clan. Please do what you think is right. I cant speak for the handfull of others but it wont bother me. Thanks for asking.
  8. GSWho

    Just remember to keep in your self grounded( touching the case)
  9. GSWho

    i've been using the Triton 5.1 set for the last year. proly the best ive ever had. Been through 4 or 5. www.tritonusa.com/prod/axpro.asp. I also recieved a pair on Turtle beach earforce x12's for Christmas. Im going to sell those.
  10. it was recommended by the new drive manufacturer.
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