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  1. Renegade45

    Thank You all for the Birthday wishes...was a great day and now the same age as my Nickname....argh
  2. Only The Best...Joe Satriani ...
  3. Renegade45

    Yeah I live about 25 minutes from Indian Rocks Beach... Should have thrown me a text.. would have loved to meet ya!
  4. Renegade45

    Since I got hacked about a month ago... I had to redo my computer..and for the life of me cant find my COD5 serial key...hoping to get caught up with bills enough to go and get another game.. soon.. Miss you all in Cod Waw ... been playing cod4 beta freeze server though.. just letting everyone know where I been ... sorry I play Eve a lot with SlowFry .. but will be back soon ... take care Idiots see ya soon! Picture I found of me when I lived in Connecticut back in 2003 lol ..
  5. Hey Idiots hoping to get a new cd key soon... lost my cod5 cdkey thats why im not playing anymore :(

  6. Hey Idiots hoping to get a new cd key soon... lost my cod5 cdkey thats why im not playing anymore :(

  7. Renegade45

    Thank You all so much... yep starting down the back side of the hill now... lol Thanks You bunch of Idiots..
  8. Well ... just to let you all know... Melanie had moved back to texas.. we had a good 7 years together.. but she and i have decided to go our seperate ways... she Moved back to Texas about a week ago now.. so ill be around alot more.. just i get home late alot... so see you all on the servers ...Peace Idiots

  9. Renegade45


  10. Renegade45

    Grey Wolf ... you will be missed.. Hope to see ya now and then.. Be Safe and see ya soon..
  11. Wow no likes on my page... geesss :(

  12. Wow no likes on my page... geesss :(

  13. Hey Idiots Stopped in to say Hi!

  14. Renegade45

    Well im back home again... was a very nice funeral.. the service was nice... was awarded the american flag for my fathers time in Korean War.. Ill miss his calls 3 times a month... but best part is i know he is in heaven looking down... and watching over my children!
  15. Renegade45

    Board plane tomorrow morning at 11 am ... so i wanted to thank you all for your kind words and friendship,,, I will be back soon... TY again .......Ren