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  2. my wife does not play , but a lot of the time she likes to sit and listen to all the trash talking , she laughs at all the " goofballs"
  3. geeez , i wish it would be only changing the file type ...... lol
  4. don't know if it is possible or not
  5. heard speak of converting maps to use in COD. is it possible to convert maps from other games , like Unreal Tourney? there are maps i would love to play here
  6. i wouldn't call it flying , high hopping maybe
  7. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful thanksgiving ..... remember to gobble till you wobble
  8. i'll give it a try , thanks
  9. why is it that i can only create/modify a class between games? i have just the 10 seconds after the game is over before the new map loads to create or modify my classes.