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  1. So my dears, we ( Betty and me ) had so often dates that we decide to take the next step ENGAGEMENT. So she is MY GIRL now. Do not touch her. Only me is allow to do it, remember this when you are playing. (Damm***) There are no excuse!!! Cya Zagor
  2. Hi Stefan, schön das du da bist. Ich denke das du den Chat im Spiel meinst, richtig? Deine Name wird bei dir nicht angezeigt wenn du sprichst, andere sehen ihn aber. Wenn du weiter Hilfe / Tipps brauchst sag bescheid. Just write me. Hi Stefan nice that you're there. I think that you mean the chat in the game, right? Your name will not be displayed on your screen when you speak, but the other players will see it. If you need further help / tips, let me know. LG Zagor
  3. So if there will be a team Europe / German / Italy or whatever I would like to play. OK in considaration of my ping Hallo Liselotte laat ons samen spelen !!
  4. I´m from Germany but I´d like to.
  5. Are 4 Seconds engough? Just when you parachute it takes longer than 4 sec. When you landed you have not engough time to leave the place.If so, can you eliminate the parachute sequence? But Nice decision TY.
  6. Hi, I saw this and I´d like share it with you. Just to show respect to persons like George and to their work. George is a riverman from Glasgow
  7. Hi, I want to ask what do you think about a Topic where user can put links to usefull applications and describe it a bit. What I mean is for example: someone is looking for an screecast software. She / he can take a look in the forum or start a question. I this case I would present 2 very good software - eLecta Live Recorder and CamStudio. Where I also can describe what will be the best SetUp Or Someone is looking for a tool to create Training Simulation with autom. generating the documents like - Active Presenter -. But also other application for music, movies and so on. What do you think? Cya on server
  8. Hi, question for the COD5 Admins - The "Free for all" modus brings a lot of fun, but I´d like to ask if it is possible to change this modus in Teamplay or other playstyle like a map rotation or create a server with this option. Maybe I´m asking something which you have already discussed. I´m not complaining only friendly asking. ^^
  9. every buddy can do it!!! Immagine you will be in Brussel and the [>XI<] veterans will a flashmop like this? Would be cool Yeah yeah wave your hands in the air like you don´t care !!!
  10. Come ON STAND UP DO IT ..... DANCE
  11. Hi, if you choose august then I would like to propose to you to visit the Edinburgh Tatoo starting from 03.08 - 17.08.2018. It is a big amazing event. For those who like pipe and drums it is a must. Just to give you an idea what you can expect: Here you get the ticktes The Royal Edinburgh Military TATTOO 2017 (Full) &nbsp;90min. To get the best overview also do not miss The Highland Games here the calender for 2018 I got my kilt prepared for this watch photo So and now hae a guid journey and remember ane leid is nivver eneuch Cya on server.
  12. Please do not missunderstand me - I like Scotland and the special water - That was also my first impression as I was in Inverness ^^