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    Re-enactment - Roman and Jacobite 1746
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  1. Zagor

    AAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH the best version
  2. Last week big event in Rome all roman - celtic - barbarian reenactors were in to celebrate the fondation of Rome. And like you see XI was also there Virtus et Honos XI
  3. Zagor


    Roman pretorian preafectus.
  4. Zagor


    Me with my group
  5. Zagor

    Or this
  6. Zagor

    Yeah Yeah Yeah me dreaming too 25c also here in germany and more to come. When the weather is fine you got women in your mind ... yeah!!!! 4 U Last
  7. Zagor

    For those who didn´t know - Roman where first in America. Here the proof.
  8. Zagor

    This is my hobby Choreography training for historical fencing - here for a Movie ( Me in white = The good Guy )
  9. You are right LCBeer. Ermey belonged to the US Navy even in the 1960s. Director Francis Ford Coppola hired him as a consultant for his war movie 'Apocalypse Now' (1979) and gave him a role as a helicopter pilot. The military instructor then starred in dozens of productions, including the films 'Mississippi Burning', 'Switchback - Merciless Flight' and 'Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' In the Pixar animation 'Toy Story' he gave his voice to the leader of the toy soldiers.
  10. Zagor

    Bienvenue on se verra sur le serveur
  11. Muhahaha a Flachzange tells me I´m a Flachwixer well - We have an appointment on the server at 17 CET You will make there a jobby play you roaster you.
  12. I heard a lot of Germans in the Voice Chat and I found this - So I ´d like to present it here. It shows some special Words and thier meanings with the corresponding word by word translation
  13. Zagor

    Please stop shooting on me when I appear on the map - No betty - No granades - If you see you stay there and wait till I see you. I would also apprechiate if you where in Voicechat to tell me where I can find you. This is for ME fun to play Thank you for your cooperation. But what I realy want to say - Thank you to all for so much fun on the server and in the voicechat. @ Admin But seriously ist it possible to restrict weapons for one or two maps where only i.e Pumpgun + Pistol with limited ammo no Medi no BETTY!!!!! No granade. Or maybe introduce a "One Weapon Day" a mounth. Just an idea PS I can´t hear the sound of the weapon of Blackdog1 anymore