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  1. i dont know whats up with the world, but we just had two days sunshine and temps 25c.....77 f degrees and above???? surely this cant be england.... we havent seen the sun for 6 months:)
  2. thanks guys, looks like a busy weekend ahead, thanks again
  3. ill do a fresh back up disk just in case thanks again Guess i know how im spending my weekend, downloading maps and updating bios.....oh yeah, beer.....lots of beer
  4. Ah Mad Monk thanks, bios not graphics card....... ive just thought it was a graphics card problem, i will try and sort the bios driver and see how it goes, cheers
  5. i know m8, i actually dont feel in control of this pc compared to win 7 all the apps and shit, i like proper full programmes not effin apps, i hate win 10, it thinks it knows better and continues to screw up, even though it tells you you have the best driver, mine wont let me replace the drivers with ones that work ??? i might go to Mac next time i buy a computer apps belong on effin phones, my computer thinks its a effin phone..... bring back computers microsoft stop fucking changing shit all the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fragging and Boobies......what else is there in life??? nothing else comes close
  7. Hi i run windows 10 with Radion R7 graphics card.... whilst gaming every few days or at least 3 times a week my computer freezes buzzes and i have to turn the pc off at the plug, the error states" thread stuck in device driver" has anyone else had this problem, is there a fix, tried downloading new driver but AMD Radion keeps saying i have the best one available? any help appreciated guys
  8. Ah the old Nuetron bomb..........its funny its now used as a target for more modern missles etc
  9. windows 10 sucks the sweat off a deadmans balls.... its the worst one yet, microsoft should be ashamed lol
  10. Deejay!!!!! YOUV'E JUST HIGHLIGHTED MY Fxxxxxg COMMUTE !!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. He definately has a carbon footprint now
  12. i wondered when someone would point out the difference to these ex pats lol,
  13. Happy Independence day to all in the United States , i still think it was better when we ran the country lol have a good one to all