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  1. cdsinuk

    my Super Hooper has died....thank you for all the fun, Rest in Peace
  2. cdsinuk

    welcome FastEddieuk, to the top of the world! (forum and gaming wise of course) you know you have to bring Boobs and Beer dont you?
  3. hey Beers, on a personal basis many thanks for your support with me re joining XI, and for the in game laughs, i hope this continues , sad to see your stepping down, someone has large shoes to fill buddy thanks again
  4. cdsinuk

    frankly i am just surprised he knew where England is!
  5. cdsinuk

    sadly im listening to the antisocial behaviour of our next door neighbour, his threats to kill, insults about my partner, etc etc, we have only had this going on now for 18 months, police called 3 times this week, being in the UK we have to put up with this shit on a daily basis, if i lived in the states he would have been shot dead by now.......i wish i lived in the states.
  6. cdsinuk

    ill have a few words with the bigguy upstairs, keep strong ok !
  7. cdsinuk

    Happy Birthday Bud, have a great day enjoy your cake M8
  8. cdsinuk

    ah ok m8, didnt realise we could enlarge like that, as you may well have guessed this is not my subject , this is where trying to help ends up making me look stupid lol good luck with the coin though m8
  9. cdsinuk

    hi timmah, is it a D Dime? cant see in the picture? if its a D dime they are saying about $2.06 ?
  10. cdsinuk

    thanks guys i had not listened to Robert Cray for about 15 years forgotten how great this guy is
  11. cdsinuk

    Dunno what the Taffys are up too!! lol we all know what taffys get up to BaRRRRRRRR, but thats not something they are allowed to export:) lol