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  1. Bosun

    Ah Dukoo you tried to change your name before but we didn't let you !!
  2. Bosun

    Between this thread and the Rami one I wish I had made myself a huge bowl of popcorn. Also, I am only posting this to get my post count up.
  3. Bosun

    The world's biggest air force is the USA. The world's SECOND biggest air force is the US Navy...
  4. Bosun

    Lord Haw Haw in 1946 was the last one I believe. Her Majesty looks like someone you don't want to cross in that pic
  5. Bosun

    What Draco said! I found this about a year ago and had to watch the original. I'm impressed the way some scenes are so close to the original.
  6. Bosun

    Ah go to the MW2 mod we all co-operate on thaws we all share
  7. Bosun

    Yeah Fairy Bread is literally a slice of white bread and butter sprinkled with 100s and 1000s. BUT to be proper Fairy Bread the slice needs to be cut diagonally. Barbecued Sausage in a slice of bread is really common.. The sausage goes in the bread diagonally, tomato sauce is applied, then fried onions. This is often used as a fundraiser for community groups and is known as a Sausage Sizzle My local hardware store sets one up every morning to raise money for charity. Sometimes it's free.
  8. Bosun

    I thought THIS was @FRENCHIs car....I wonder where @Sonovabichis lol
  9. Bosun

    @Timmah!You should have seen what happened after Angus said to me "Here Bosun, hold my beer and watch THIS" !!!!!
  10. Bosun

    Multiprocess Windows 1/1 (Enabled by default) in my Firefox. I also set media/videos not to auto play in a browser - helps to speed things up slightly.
  11. Bosun

    Dammit Timmah! I put on weight just LOOKING at what you're cooking....
  12. Bosun

    Damn the Boss shoots about as well as I do!
  13. Bosun

    Oh hell Yeah!!! I love the entertainment. Let me get popcorn and beer.
  14. Bosun

    lol a heat warning for 34 degrees
  15. Bosun

    We're not allowed to carry in Australia. But my work gear is a Glock 17 Gen 4 with a Surefire Taclight, 2 spare mags and a 5" Gerber. Oh, and the .50 cal HMG lol