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  1. @Timmah!You should have seen what happened after Angus said to me "Here Bosun, hold my beer and watch THIS" !!!!!
  2. Multiprocess Windows 1/1 (Enabled by default) in my Firefox. I also set media/videos not to auto play in a browser - helps to speed things up slightly.
  3. Dammit Timmah! I put on weight just LOOKING at what you're cooking....
  4. Damn the Boss shoots about as well as I do!
  5. Oh hell Yeah!!! I love the entertainment. Let me get popcorn and beer.
  6. lol a heat warning for 34 degrees
  7. We're not allowed to carry in Australia. But my work gear is a Glock 17 Gen 4 with a Surefire Taclight, 2 spare mags and a 5" Gerber. Oh, and the .50 cal HMG lol
  8. Shorts. In the winter I put on a T shirt as well. It's usually hot AF where I live.
  9. Damn the Boss sure is a bad shot!
  10. Hot curry on the way home from the pub?
  11. Downloading it now, looks okay from what I have seen on youtube.
  12. Yanny....
  13. Looks like a nice day in NJ. BBQ and pool party?
  14. Hard to tell from this angle, but the one in pink looks like my ex-wife.
  15. It's not that I CAN'T go to the Fest it's that I don't WANT to....I don't want to wake up in @wildthing and @Unchileno s room with a bad hangover and a sore ass!