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  1. Hot curry on the way home from the pub?
  2. Downloading it now, looks okay from what I have seen on youtube.
  3. Yanny....
  4. Looks like a nice day in NJ. BBQ and pool party?
  5. Hard to tell from this angle, but the one in pink looks like my ex-wife.
  6. It's not that I CAN'T go to the Fest it's that I don't WANT to....I don't want to wake up in @wildthing and @Unchileno s room with a bad hangover and a sore ass!
  7. I didn't install PB the last time I installed it, but it still works great on Freezetag, just a short warning msg about PB not being enabled so try that
  8. @ausimatador@YACCster I bought my COD4 in the box, but I just logged into my Steam account and it says it's available for $19.99. (I'm in on my ship in the middle of nowhere and the satellite link seems to be going to an earth station in Singapore of all places so not sure if that is the Aussie price or availability)
  9. ALT-F4?
  10. I always chuckle when I see headlines about China's President XI. XI to rule for decades XI bans tourism to North Korea XI vows to defend Chinese Maritime Rights XI fired a big warning to Taiwan XI forms new economic team
  11. yeah that's gonna sting in the shower once the hot water hits it
  12. Happy Birthday Timmah! lol
  13. $1.35/litre here which makes it about the same price as @Hunter pays, or about $USD 4.05/gallon
  14. Freaking idiots EVERYWHERE on this website !!!
  15. Same over here - rain rain and more fucking rain, 32 degrees and 95% humidity