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  1. Bosun

    OMG I didn't realise Chile and I had the same birthday. I feel like we're really bonding now! I'm on deployment at the moment so no beer for me -so you guys will have to drink my share @SGTSmeg @Unchileno
  2. Bosun

    Same sort of dysfunction in Australia I'm afraid. We have a minority government lurching from crisis to crisis with the support of a half-dozen independent MPs. No stability or direction.
  3. Bosun

    It can take a little while to get the invite...I had to start playing drunk for a few months to fit in with these damn idiots...
  4. A couple of months ago my wife met Warrant Officer Class 2 (ret) Keith Payne who is a retired Australian Army WO2. Last night I got to meet him and shake his hand and thank him for his continuing service in supporting veterans. Keith fought in the Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, Vietnam War and the Dhofar Rebellion. As well as being awarded the Victoria Cross (Australia's highest military award) the United States awarded him the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star medal which are the 2nd and 3rd highest military awards in the US I believe. His actions which resulted in the awarding of the Victoria Cross occurred in May 1969 while he was part of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam. The citation reads in part: He was commanding the 212th Company of the 1st Mobile Strike Force Battalion when it was attacked by a strong North Vietnamese force. His company was isolated and, surrounded on three sides, Payne's Vietnamese troops began to fall back. Payne, by now wounded in the hands and arms and under heavy fire, covered the withdrawal before organising his troops into a defensive perimeter. He then spent three hours scouring the scene of the day’s fight for isolated and wounded soldiers, all the while evading enemy troops, who kept up harassing fire. He found some 40 wounded men, brought some in himself and organised for the rescue of the others, leading the party back to base through enemy-dominated terrain. That is a very cut and dried paragraph, but when you know the whole story of what happened that day it really indicates the character of the man. He continues supporting veterans to this day. I am proud to have him as a member of the community. Thank you for your service Sir.
  5. Bosun

    FU CHILE ?
  6. Bosun

    Damn with GG not in charge by the time I get home that MW2 server is gonna be like Mad Max and The Walking Dead all rolled into one... @hxtr only been back a month and the place is going downhill already ?
  7. Bosun

    Currently 134+ fires burning - Mrs Bosun is home in Mackay and I'm away at sea which is a bit shitty but she will be okay as we are in town, She has been helping with supplies for firefighters and evacuees. They are evacuating areas to the west and south. The rail line south is cut. Hope your kids are okay @AussieGirl
  8. Bosun

    68 million turkeys will be consumed in the US this turkey day according to the news...
  9. Bosun

    Hey, if it wasn't for my random nades, clays and betties I'd hardly have a score at all. I Love raining random nades ?
  10. Bosun

    Looks very tasty. I made pizza last night. I have to remember to start posting pics of my cooking. PS FU TIMMAH!
  11. Bosun

    F*CK YOU Timmah! every time you post in the cookery forum I put on weight just looking at it. *also FU in game - you know you deserve it!
  12. Bosun

    I saw an article yesterday saying that the PC crowd are upset that Apu is being axed, and that he should be kept in the series but in a different role. Personally, when I see Apu I see an intelligent, very hard working family man who has battled through a heap of adversity and still come out at the other end smiling. And nope, this PC stuff will never end it will only get worse.
  13. Bosun

    I AM at work. Stuck on the ship with holding crew at Fleet Base West for the weekend....FML...
  14. Bosun

    Ah Dukoo you tried to change your name before but we didn't let you !!
  15. Bosun

    Between this thread and the Rami one I wish I had made myself a huge bowl of popcorn. Also, I am only posting this to get my post count up.