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  1. LilMordjr

    mikzzona your a great player..
  2. LilMordjr

    aw so sweet
  3. LilMordjr

    hey guys how are you guys
  4. LilMordjr

    @FUNky that's so funny lol
  5. LilMordjr

    @BlackRose thank you you are really helpful..
  6. LilMordjr

  7. LilMordjr

    im sorry guys
  8. LilMordjr

    hey everyone im gonna stay in lag not in XI im sorry.
  9. hey guys im sorry if I make you guys mad I just want to play with all my friends I apologies  im glad you guys are having fun and everything. 

    1. J3st3r


      It's ok little buddy. You can still play with your friends but please don't leave XI. We would really miss you. 😉 

    2. LilMordjr


      im sorry im staying in lag but I can still play with you and still knife you lol

  10. LilMordjr

    yep im staying in >XI< now
  11. LilMordjr

    I know you guys are still about this but don't worry I be here for you guys
  12. LilMordjr

    im not going anywhere but I still gonna play with you guys.
  13. LilMordjr

    can rugger remove my tags please
  14. LilMordjr

    because im joing in lag server
  15. LilMordjr

    hey guys im leaving XI but I can still play with you guys though.



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