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    Dancing, Computers, Games, Uno, Playing with my Dogs & Cats, & Watching Phineas & Ferb.

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  1. LilMordjr

    I want to join cod 5 team please..
  2. I want to be in the competition cod4 vs cod 5 because I want to be part of it @BlackRose can you get me in a team please...
  3. I just want to say happy birthday boots... 

  4. today is my birthday  :)  :):) 

    1. J3st3r


      Happy Birthday LilMord  :fun:🎂:fun:

    2. LilMordjr
  5. next Monday is my birthday  :)  :)  

  6. Happy Friday!! everyone 

  7. LilMordjr

    welcome to XI
  8. LilMordjr

    welcome, oster im glad that you made it here on Xi!
  9. hi everyone  

    1. Lovyan


      go to school and study! pfft lol

  10. LilMordjr

    welcome to xi prle
  11. hey, penguin how you doing 

  12. LilMordjr

    Welcome back girl!
  13. LilMordjr

    aww so sad to see you go.. Will miss you! Had fun killing with you
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