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    Vancouver, Washington
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    Sailing. Would love a Corbin 39 along with some time for a blue water adventure.

    Reading. Non-fiction practical stuff. I don't read easily, but can if there's a purpose.

    Seeing the country. I love our country and the sites it offers, the different people and life styles.

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  1. Cooper

    Welcome Bamm. Look forward to finding you, and shoot’n you.
  2. Cooper

    Beautiful autos. Liking the sound of the pipes. a bit "old school", not like the typical wussy pipes on most new cars
  3. Aww Penguin girl. Missed wishing you an awesome birthday on your birthday. 
    Didn't forget, was very busy.

    Hope the day was most excellent.


    1. WldPenguin


      Thanks, Coop! 🙂

  4. Cooper

    fixed...LMAO... "Rear time"...thanks for flag Budman...
  5. Cooper

    “Real time”, time not gaming and enjoying yourself, but rather dealing with real life. this place is the escape…
  6. Cooper

    I don’t know how many years I’ve been here. It was some before Wildpenguin and Roxy dragged me into this clan (lol). I’ve not given much dollars, and my time has been limited the last few years. I so enjoy the time hen I am here. It’s an important, though brief, way I spend my time. I’ve met some real characters. I given crap and got it right back. If life moves you away, come back sometime. You’ll be the center of attention fir a bit, and then will be annoying again. Im sad a bit to see people leaving. I tend to feel it’s more about rt than XI. Could be wrong. If I am in your case, stick it…(lol) The clan has been here for me, for much needed breaks from rt. Appreciate you all… live long and prosper…you idiots
  7. Giggs, miss you. Hope life is awesome in your corner of the world…
  8. Hey Sharpe, I got your back. Let me know the beeches get’n on you and I’ll “Sooper Cooper” their arses… luv ya bro…
  9. Wonder if I'll get an apology from all the dickheads when I record some vids. there are dickheads here? What…?
  10. This is a great conversation. Thanks Rob for showing your frustration with this. Important for this to be talked about as much as it needs i feel. New to the world of “Moderatorship”, I’ve not engaged much on these issues. I do have my “real time” world and it has been shaving away the patience of my once thick skin. My patience is not what it used to be. The “rules” laid out for admins are pretty limiting. We’re supposed to give warnings, let everyone play and have fun, give more warnings, listen to some potty mouth talk, play and have fun, and give more warnings. The process is pretty laid out, and I hope my patience bares up under some of these issues. I have left a game many times because of a player “overreaching” with their skills, or their hacks. I support fun here, and I put up with ausies “tasty toob’n”, but as told above, we are here for the break from r/t, for the fun. Im not in often, but anyone is free to pm me for a discussion on issues, and if I can’t help, I know a few to talk to. All the admins care about this place. That’s what I’ve seen anyways.
  11. Cooper

    She loves handing those out… you’ll get your toob one day….
  12. Cooper

    Want to go so bad. Not this year though…
  13. Gossamer and I really enjoyed ourselves. Look forward to a longer stay next month. Wildpenguin, as always, an AWESOME hostess. Appreciate you…
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