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    Sailing. Would love a Corbin 39 along with some time for a blue water adventure.

    Reading. Non-fiction practical stuff. I don't read easily, but can if there's a purpose.

    Seeing the country. I love our country and the sites it offers, the different people and life styles.

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  1. So hope your day is better than the other 29... Happy Birthday...!!!
  2. Girl, I so hope your day was good. I know forms and numbers get in the way for you, but did you feel all the hugs? Miss playing with ya…in the servers I mean...
  3. Hmmm...Angus's girl...?
  4. Got it I think. Each game consists of 3 matches. Each match consists of 3 rounds. So, we are only playing 1 match, not a whole game. And 2 wins of rounds within 1 match are the winners, not the first 2 match rounds of a game. Got it. Congrats Bogleg, pwrcrzy52, and McMurphy...well played.
  5. Bogleg, if you won, you won. If we didn't complete the game, I am ok with a 'do over'. McMurphy and Perry played really well though. You have a great team...
  6. So it is not 2 best out of 3 games, but 2 best rounds out of one game? I misunderstood that too. Congratulations to Bogleg, McMurhpey, and pwrcrzy52…Good game...
  7. Is there a place we sign up for the match, or do we all just show up at the right time and hurt each other ?
  8. We are adding a 4th, to help with potential scheduling issues (we like him too) Dukoo RealEstufa Cooper 4th---Tacobill
  9. We got RealEstuaf. Shall we consider him for a fourth? That would be good. I can run it by the others. Thanks...
  10. Dukoo and I are two of three. Where's that 3rd one at?
  11. You are in my prayers Hogan. If you pinch WP this weekend, that could help a bit… Here's you you brother….
  12. Coop can help. I'll sight in the other team and then , their done for. And after and a , we can take on the next one, and just do it all over again….
  13. I can help an opponent lose. I'll throw in... Bogleg said "poke"...
  14. Hey goof ball...I need to shoot ya some more...!!! Hope life treats you well Trash. When RT beckons, we have to answer the call... Take care....