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    Sailing. Would love a Corbin 39 along with some time for a blue water adventure.

    Reading. Non-fiction practical stuff. I don't read easily, but can if there's a purpose.

    Seeing the country. I love our country and the sites it offers, the different people and life styles.

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  1. Cooper

    Want to go so bad. Not this year though…
  2. Gossamer and I really enjoyed ourselves. Look forward to a longer stay next month. Wildpenguin, as always, an AWESOME hostess. Appreciate you…
  3. Thanks for the “congrats” gang. I’ve really enjoyed my years here with everyone and feel this a natural step for me. We’ll have to wait and see if I piss off anyone important…which would be anyone here playing for the fun. You’re all important.
  4. Cooper

  5. Was playing in game. Saw the "console" (pengy) remind us about the Happy Hour. Was a bit nervous, but glad of the reminder. Was super to meet some XI cohorts. Look forward to it again. Awesome to meet you peeps. Angus, Baldy, Athena, Dukoo, Thunder, Yacky, Lil Acorn, Chris, Penguin, Ice Queen (hadn't played with her for like 10 years...lol) Was completely AWESOME...!!!
  6. Photo of Iguana on a boat boarding area on the way to see "Rhythms of the Night" in Puerto Vallarta.


  7. Cooper

    Weedy, sometimes words are hard to come by. Hang in there, you and your family. Thoughts and prayers man...
  8. Cooper

    Liking how God seems to be a big part of your family. Hope this plays out in the best possible way Loader. Prayers and blessings...
  9. R/T has been extremely busy. I ache to get back into the games, and will likely during the next month or so. 

    hope 2020 brings many blessings to all...

  10. Cooper

    You are such a sweety Rugger. I've been away sooo long busy with rt, and you still make me feel all huggable.... One wish...more time in my days please....
  11. Cooper

    Ya...if it takes too long, one has to move on. Go look for Larson in the corners of a COD2 map...
  12. Cooper

    you're a sick pup...LOL
  13. Cooper

    Been so busy rt. Thank you all for the birthday wishes for me. Missing playing with you all... Well, maybe not all, but most of you...LOL
  14. Cooper

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes gang. It was "another day", uneventful. No issues…LOL That's how it is at this age, aye?
  15. Cooper

    So hope your day is better than the other 29... Happy Birthday...!!!



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