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  1. merder

    What do I have to do to witness this? That's good, don't know how I\ve managed to avoid it untill now. I cannot sing unfortunately, I even get laughed out of the church when I try, but I listen to this to get hype to wallbang people!
  2. merder

    I'm still here long enoguh to make you get sick of me Mik ^^ I live in the imaginary realm of Belgium, along side dragons, chickenfingers and european presidents. And it's not the ping that's stopping me, but the fact that primetime on the server happens to be 6 AM in Japan.
  3. merder

    They let anybody in these days! Hopefully...
  4. merder

    Ten years of good times on the cod4 freezetag 1 server are coming to an end for me. I'll be moving to Japan in a few weeks, roni allowing, and will not be able to play with you guys anymore. I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the fun I have had over the long years gaming with everybody. The fact that the server is still going strong over 10 years later really speaks for how great an environment you all have created. I hope that if I come back in a few years the server is still alive and kicking. So soon it will be goodbye for me, but keep on being awesome guys. Best regards, merder, tiny, roni, cyclist, calculator, nostalgia, mentally, uguu and a bunch of other names
  5. merder

    Flights have a shortterm temperature decreasing effect, due to the aerosols they emit reflecting sunlight back into space. If all flights are grounded for a couple of months global temperature will quickly rise about half a degree celsius. Not alot of good news to be had there 😣
  6. merder

    Very impressive. You are really hard to kill on that map. I took a screenshot of this game because it made me feel like it was 2010 again ^^
  7. merder

    Thanks for the welcome Josh, I have been here for ten years though I should rephrase my question: are there any other programs or websites you use to find servers besides the ingame masterserver? AS for gamemodes, I only play hardcore sabotage.
  8. Does anyone here play on servers besides XI's? Are there any good ones out there? And how do you find new servers? Also is the MW2 server any good? I need some practice, thank you for your cooperation. And merry Christmas ^^
  9. Terrible news, I am so sorry for you Sandra. Rest in peace dadda, we will miss you.
  10. merder

    Welcome riverrat.
  11. Lots of old names in that list, rip friends.
  12. @OsterStats start from halfway september, the server's been going for ten? years? https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Has older stats. If prefer the old stats, they didn't tell me that @Sally owns me.
  13. merder

    Happy birthdayLuke!
  14. merder

    Happy birthday meek!
  15. They're his vanilla cod4 stats ^^
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