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  1. LtFireman

    Well this is a first for me. My boss just called me and told me to take the rest of the week off (due to rain) to get my comp time down. I have been called into work, but never to not work LOL. Oh what to do for the week.
  2. LOL I do go out to a place called a course and strike the ever loving $h!t out a little white ball, but what I do I wouldn't call it "playing Golf." More like frustrating the hell out of my self.
  3. LtFireman

    GTAV, Nascar heat, COD4, Doom, Orbiter2016.
  4. LtFireman

    Mine is the 7 key Figured it out
  5. LtFireman

    I was pushing buttons and this window popped up sorta like if you push alt s your stats pop up. Dont know how to get rid of it. Its acting like a CPU monitor. Any idea how to get rid of it.
  6. LtFireman

    If anyone is into NASCAR you can go to nascarheat.com and D/L a free copy of the Original NascarHeat game. It is also the home of the Nascar heat server where we race as well.
  7. Baseballs about as fun to watch as golf or poker. LOL
  8. LtFireman

    Nope no relation.
  9. LtFireman

    This is a RE-Introduction. I first registered as BCNU and that is the name i Introduced as. I changed my name because i am a wild land fire fighter with Ga. I also travel to other states fighting fire such as Texas, California, and Alaska. I enjoy being outdoors, hunting and fishing.
  10. LtFireman

    Hello everyone. Stumbled into this server from a google search looking for freeze tag servers. After putting in address for mw2 server was blown away by the open warfare mod. Wished I had found this years ago lol. Went out and deleted a lot of the other "Favorites" servers that I had. Hope to play here for a long time to come. Look forward to getting to know the regulars here. B CN U in the server.



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