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  1. Thanks for being here, Cooper. Welcome to the shit show.
  2. So sorry to hear about @Corpse2! He will definitely be missed. R.I.P. Corpse
  3. Flybyyr

    So where might one find a shirt like that??
  4. Flybyyr

    Thank you, Sally! You're awesome.
  5. Flybyyr

    I'll keep it in a safe place.
  6. Flybyyr

    Thanks @Ronnie. That means a lot.....even from you.
  7. Flybyyr

    Thank you so much! Really a great community I'm glad to be a part of. Hope y'all have a great day!
  8. Really hope this is the one I'm thinking of. If it is, I owe a round to each of you!
  9. Flybyyr

    Yes! Absolutely. True team player. *aye, aye, aye*
  10. Flybyyr

    Ok...so I want to know if anyone else has noticed this. It's a phenomenon I call "The Sally Effect" and unfortunately @Sally isn't around to notice it. Whenever @Sally leaves the server, everyone else leaves also. It's like she's the glue that holds the server attendance together. Has anyone ever seen a full server on freeze tag 1 where @Sally wasn't there? Asking for a friend.
  11. Flybyyr

    What's the joke.... What's a redneck say just before he dies? Hold my beer
  12. Flybyyr

    That's so awesome! So many things that they're going to experience. Hope they stay close to you.
  13. Flybyyr

    Damn....that's going to be a mess.
  14. Flybyyr


    Ok...Im going to make a suggestion and it's probably way out there. I'd love to see a COD4 freeze tag map that is pistols only. I know it would require limiting the weapons setup of the players but I'm not a map maker. This is where I'm hoping you guys can use your expertise. I'm just sharing my hopes and dreams. Thanks for listening! Flybyyr
  15. So please tell me that they are going to make Barbie gender neutral.



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