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  1. Hijack

    Had no problem with my service, running top notch with Bell.
  2. R.I.P my friend, you will be missed
  3. Hijack

    Happy Birthday Landshark, Have a good one. Cheers
  4. Why is this brought up, was there people complaining about spawn killing?
  5. Personally i don't like it, i wish it would be back like before
  6. Hijack

    welcome to the clan, that doesn't mean i'm going to stab you less. Now it's going to double
  7. Hijack

    :yahoo:It's about time, congrats
  8. I feel for you weednfeed, i live up north of NB Edmundston and we didn't get as much snow than you guys did. We had a very cold winter. Can't wait for the summer
  9. I love the speed in Ace Mod, that's why i play on that server. When i play Freeze stag server i find it to slow. If you are considering slowing the speed on a new server maybe people would play on it , if they don't like the fast pace on the Ace Mod server. Just my opnion!!
  10. I was playing tonight had ci's and the lag was bad, ping were up and down. I agree with Larsin this is been happening a lot lately.
  11. Hijack

    Happy Birthday Bud, have a good one
  12. I love the speed of ace mod right now please do not change it, but another server with little bit slower speed but not to slow with different guns like they have freeze tags server would be nice
  13. Hijack

    Happy Birthday Big Dean. Have a nice day, cheers
  14. Hijack

    Will do buddy, take care of self
  15. Hijack

    Happy Birthday Texas, cheers
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