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  1. GEN_Morgan

    Congrats Oxen! Welcome to the House of Idiots!
  2. GEN_Morgan

    Awesome. Great news! Hope to see you soon in game Shotty-Bro!
  3. GEN_Morgan

    Heal fast Shotty-Bro!
  4. GEN_Morgan

    HA! b1n0-gHo5t started the Shotty rave...I just embraced it! To be true though Bio....I also need a knife on there somewhere as well...right Athena?!
  5. GEN_Morgan

    Good Luck and quick recovery... Shotty Bro!
  6. GEN_Morgan

    Welcome Aboard Red!
  7. GEN_Morgan

    Hey Bio! Glad to see you on the site....Now in the game, well that's a different story
  8. GEN_Morgan

    Bloody muppets and planks, the lot of them.
  9. GEN_Morgan

    Thanks All. Proud to be an Idiot to the Extreme!
  10. GEN_Morgan

  11. GEN_Morgan

    Pitter pater.... ....Let's get at er! https://www.findmeabrewery.com/puppers-beer/
  12. GEN_Morgan

    Rose the writing is pretty brilliant though. I had to turn on captions just to catch it all as they talk so quickly. Had me rolling!
  13. GEN_Morgan

    Congratulations! Best wishes for a long and happy life together.
  14. GEN_Morgan

    Pretty Awesome. Reminded me, not sure why, but reminded me of seeing the brothers Vaughn play Pipeline. Found the vid below:
  15. GEN_Morgan

    Treasure trails, who knew....LMAO
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