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  1. Ok, the math is off on this one.........23 beds, sleeps 28. 3 king beds, 12 queen beds, 2 doubles and 5 singles 3+12+2+5=22.....not 23. And if you figure 2 per king = 6 2 per queen = 24 2 per doubles = 4 5 singles = 5 That gives you 39 spots, not 28. That being said.....I am always one that says I am going to the next XI Fest, but I honestly don't know if I can make these dates work. We already have a family vacation planned the second week of October (Columbus Day weekend), to the Dells. That's where the kiddos wanted to go. Plus, the kids are already back in school in October, so I may have to bow out of this one... Branson was an 8hour drive. I could have made that one work. This is an extra 4-5 hours and 300+/- miles.
  2. Hawk

  3. Hawk

    LIES!!! I wanted to be at the last one and wasn't there..... At least I "contributed to the delinquency" by sending alcohol hahaha
  4. Shocking.....Of course you did. Wouldn't expect anything less. Haha
  5. So, @Sammy, I for one know what it takes to create a mod, to tweak a mod, to run a server, etc... I've been doing it from the Return to Castle Wolfenstein days, up to and including Call of Duty 5: World at War. This is prior to me joining XI. I get it. It's a ton of work. It's a SHIT TON of time. It will always come with criticism. The best way to avoid that criticism is to ask in advance what people want in the mod, before putting a ton of time developing it. You will NEVER make everyone happy. That's just a fact of life. Here's the thing...I don't recall ever being "asked" for suggestions on what to add to the server. Was there ever a post by you or anyone for that matter, stating that you were going to start working on a new mod and you needed input? Did you ever ask people what they wanted to see in the mod, if they wanted the "extra shit" (as you put it), what gun changes they want, what game play changes they suggest, etc...? Did you? Because I know, I was on the server almost every day for hours on end prior to the new mod, and I was never asked. Maybe you did. I don't remember seeing it, being told about it, but I also did not check the site as often as I should have either. I was asked to help "test" the new mod on a couple occasions. Even during the testing phase, I did not like it. Mostly because all of the "extra shit" messed with the game play. It felt clunky. It still does for me. That's why I don't like playing on the server. I do enjoy the old mod immensely. However, two jobs, coaching my daughter's softball and playing newer games that are designed with all the extra stuff in mind, have taken me away from CoD4. Speaking about that "extra shit", this game was not designed with all that "extra shit" in mind. It was never an option on the game. People started implementing them in mods when those items started appearing in newer games. Problem with implementing those into this mod is that THIS GAME IS NOT DESIGNED FOR ALL THE EXTRA SHIT! It affects the game play adversely. It is extremely noticeable when you jump from the newer mod into the older mod. The older mod is super smooth. It has SOME of the extra stuff, but not all of it. There is just too much extra stuff, and I fear it bogs down the game. That may be why people don't like it. If they want all the extra stuff, they'll most likely go to a game that has it, was designed to have it and runs smoothly because it was designed to have it.
  6. Here's the thing that I don't think you understand......some people play this game for it's simplicity. If people wanted all the "extra stuff", people would start playing the newer games that actually have that stuff in it, because those games are better at it to begin with.... Did you ever think of it that way?
  7. Why? Was there an advertisement on the server when the newer mod was running on the other server? I don't recall ever seeing one....
  8. I don't have a problem being transparent about it......I voted old. The new mod combined with the release of Modern Warfare is the reason I stopped playing on the server. There is just something about the newer mod that I don't like. Actually a few things about it. I've been one that has been vocal about it to some of the admins, not here on the forums, but on other platforms (WhattsApp). I was and still am willing to give it a try, I just think the older mod runs more smoothly and isn't congested with all the "extra crap" in this mod. One of the things that made the older games nice (in my opinion), is the fact that there weren't a buttload of options, perks, settings, whatever. you just played. Didn't need to bind extra keys to steal killstreaks, drop trophy systems, etc... The movement on the newer mod is just clunky. The old mod ran smoothly, and definitely felt quicker and more responsive. Sammy, You do great work. I just am not a fan of the newer mod. BUT, that is only my opinion. Being a past server admin of my old clan's server and helping tweak and run mods, I fully understand that you just can't please everyone. Thank you for all your hard work trying to do just that.
  9. Hawk

    Wait, whaaaat?!?!? Why did we do that?!? I MEAN...uh....HIYA HELLSPAWN!!! WELCOME MAN!! FINALLY! Took you long enough....jeeze lol
  10. I just can't place it. Something about the current mod feels clunky. The old mod just feels like it runs more smoothly.
  11. I just jumped in there to see the difference. It's SOOOOOO much smoother. It definitely feels like you run faster. The jumping feels better, the weapons feel better. Everything about that mod is just right..... I know I for one will come back to play that mod again.
  12. Yes. Just seems a little bit slow. Could be because I've been playing Warzone for the past year and a half and it's a faster game, but I feel like the old mod was a little faster. I feel like I'm dragging a piano behind me while running....
  13. Yes. This is the one I'm referring to. I honestly think that this would be an OK mod if the gameplay were a tad faster. I know you said it's the same as the old mod, but it just feels a ton slower.
  14. How about go back to the old mod? What was wrong with that one? I haven't played much since this one was implemented. Warzone helped that, but I'm just not enjoying this mod, now that I'm trying to give it a chance. If there is no chance of going back......... Faster run speed, longer sprint time, lower jump height, get rid of killstreak stealing, make it so you don't lose your killstreak at the end of the round, fix the sounds of the guns (sound futuristic)..... I'm sure I can think of more. I'll post when I think of them.
  15. Hawk

    I actually uninstalled the game because I got sick and tired of the cheats and hacks. Haven't played in a couple weeks now. I will never give Activision or Infinity Ward/Raven another dime.
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