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  1. Hawk

    Wow. Josh, sorry to hear. I'm happy that you dodged a bullet on that one. She seems like the true definition of a "C U Next Tuesday". Family is one of the greatest things you can do with your life. Don't count it out yet buddy. You just need to find the right girl. You never know when or where you may run into her. But you'll know it when you do. Give some time for yourself. Do things that make you happy. It's usually when you aren't looking, that the magic happens. Stay Strong my man!!!
  2. Hawk

    Just start a new account. Jump in with some of us and use our dropped loadout guns to rank them up.
  3. Hawk

    I'M IN!!!! Just let me know when and where!
  4. Hawk

    Always so much fun to see everyone!! Can't wait for the next one!
  5. Hawk

    I am now! I see you on, occasionally, but you are never playing...
  6. @Lunkster, can you shoot me a regiment invite as well please? Battle.net gamer tag is Jurrien74#1996. My in-game name is Hawk_XI Thanks!
  7. Hawk

    I play for hours daily, and have never seen any XI anywhere. I have gotten confirmation of being responsible for 7 cheater bans, so far. Three came last week alone!! Two in one day!
  8. jurrien74#1996. In game name is Hawk_XI
  9. One thing I did notice about the defroster bow, is that it was actually able to kill people, while not being able to defrost. Also, when trying to pick up a weapon, even if you have a key bound for it, you are not able to pick up a weapon of a fallen soldier.
  10. Hawk

    Nice setup! I have my entire rack system in the attic at the moment, unfortunately. The turntable and the LP's are the only thing in the house (better climate control in the house). I had to downsize when I had kiddos. I'd LOVE to get my old stereo up and running again. Maybe I'll set it up in the garage for when I'm working out there. I have about 75-100 LPs. I'll have to go dig them out and snap a pic of them.
  11. Hawk

    Jesus!! It's about time you got here!!! What's happening!! Welcome to the forums!
  12. As long as I'm not working, count me in!!
  13. I don't know what to say. What a shock!! I didn't know him well, but the few times I saw him, and spoke with him, he was great! I'm so sorry for your loss Sandra. 59 is FAR too young to leave this Earth. May he Rest in Piece!!
  14. Hawk

    So, the CoD4 crew won again? That makes us 3-0? ? ? ????? Are you CoD5 peeps gluttons for punishment? ?? ??? Good job CoD4 Team!! Sorry I couldn't make this one. I'll be at the next one!!



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