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  1. Last week I took a trip to our local lake. And managed to get a nice blow up. But didn’t land the fish. After that it was non stop tangles and losing lures Today I finally redeemed myself
  2. JonahJr

    I’d like to get into some pike but the only thing we have close to them around here are pike minnows. But nice fish man. Pretty decent size for a first cast
  3. Oh we got some nice ones those were just the only ones that wanted top water
  4. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  5. JonahJr

  6. JonahJr

    Ya we always catch and release on this river. I believe that blood was from his mouth. Like the lip area. Fish wasn’t gut hooked luckily. Was verry strange to see his mouth bleeding tho
  7. JonahJr

    Niceee. Don’t fly it to far I made that mistake once . It came back. But. Not worth the risk
  8. Indeed it does. Seen some big fish pulled out of their
  9. Nicee. Florida has some really good fishing Wish to travel their one day for the peacock bass
  10. Yes they are. I caught one that had a messed up jaw and still attacking like he on crack
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