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    To many interest that you are not interested in hearing about. Drawing, painting, Art, writing, Sewing, reading, gaming, Psychology, using my imagination, and anything crafty! :) Told you it would be boring!

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  1. Mercy

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Mercy

  3. Mercy

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Mercy

    Thank you everyone!
  5. Mercy

    Happy Birthday Larsin
  6. Mercy

    We had fun. Poor Simple he drank too quick. And as always your welcome anytime Gorilla. Nect time we will do more smoked pears with maple in them. Enjoy your to go bag! OH! And the 23rd is the day we are doing the birthday party.
  7. Do you really want to know?!?!

  8. Mercy

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Enjoy your day!!
  9. Mercy

    Hello Simon and welcome to the forums!
  10. Mercy

    Bonjour Fabe!
  11. Mercy

  12. Snow, Tornado's, Floods, Hail, Sleet, Sunny, Welcome to Arkansas! WTF!

  13. Mercy

    I hope all goes well Twinkie! I cannot imagine having that many surgeries in such little time. I know haveing one every two years plays Hell on your immune system, so I hope you recover quick and feel better than ever!
  14. Mercy

    Welcome to XI Grandaddy!
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