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  1. YellowSnow

    Very sad to hear about this. Prayers go out to Bubbles and family. YellowSnow aka TitleGuy
  2. YellowSnow

    welcome to you....lol
  3. YellowSnow

    Nisty, I like MW2 FT most. But play a little COD2..... I look forward in game play.. YellowSnow>XI<
  4. YellowSnow

    Hey Idiots, Wow! It's been awhile since I have gamed. I've been thrown some curve balls in the last years or so. My plan is to get my pc up and running shortly and start gaming again. It will be nice to see old friends in game as well as the new players that I have not yet had a chance to meet. I will be rusty at first. My advice to you is to take advantage of that. It wont take long before I'm kickin ass and taking names. I look forward in game play and being around a bunch of Idiots. PEACE! YellowSnow>XI<
  5. YellowSnow

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.
  6. YellowSnow

    Hope your day was filled with joy. Happy Birthday Burn!
  7. YellowSnow

    Hey all, Just stopping by to give you peeps a shout out from YellowSnow. Hope alll is well with everyone. I've been plugging away each day. Thanks to all of you who have been chcking on me. Gotta love XI. Thank you all, hope to be gaming soon. YellowSnow>XI< YellowSnowJR says hi too...
  8. Ill bring the clubs just in case.......If anything I'll club wildthing......
  9. I will be there... @Rugger I have that Wednesday off maybe you want to hit the links...... If open I guess......
  10. YellowSnow

    Hope a few more close members can make this...
  11. Hey all, Fir3Marshall, Wildthing, Rugger?, my self and maybe some others are going to meet at Mistic Lake Casino, MN on May 27th for a night out. Anyone near by who would like a night out with some Idiots shoud put this in there schedule. Let us know if you can join us. YellowSnow>XI<
  12. I'm in Duluth. If I have time I would like to meet up with you all too.Let me know....
  13. YellowSnow

    YellowSnowJr Made it to the USA Hockey Magazine. Thanks to a bunch of your votes. Thank you all! YellowSnow>XI<
  14. YellowSnow

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day.
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