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  1. Liquid_poop

    Apart from my awesome SIG.......I kinda like the "Butthole Lane" PIC!
  2. Liquid_poop

    I'm all for a good joke, however I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark here and assume the "predator" reference along with the priests portrayed in the meme would refer to them being predators by praying on or doing something horrific to a child. Which I DON'T find funny.
  3. Liquid_poop

    Way to go fool!!!
  4. Liquid_poop

    Sounds like a weapons ban to me!......as soon as you pry them from my cold dead hands!
  5. Liquid_poop

    Come to Baltimore sometime!.......The Cops are very friendly and the crack prices are pretty cheap!.... Here I was just tryin to cash my pay check while on my phone with one of my bitches!
  6. I will be getting my groove on in my doomsday bunker like this asshole!
  7. Diggin the new server. Thanks Beers!
  8. Liquid_poop

    Mines old too.....but theres no shame in having and old computer!
  9. Liquid_poop

  10. Liquid_poop

    Screw weed!......I grows DAT Yea Yo!
  11. Liquid_poop

  12. Liquid_poop

    So I'm thinking of ordering a case of this stuff!
  13. Liquid_poop

    Too bad it wasn't a double tap!! One for each of em!!