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    I,m not 100% sure, however I believe it would be a gravity setting on the server. Last time I was on the COD4 death match server ( and that was a wee bit ago )you can sprint like hell but you cannot jump that high. If that is indeed the case...........Viola!!!!!....problem solved.
  3. Liquid_poop

    Awe...........I'm touched.
  4. Liquid_poop

    Its something you do when you have no skills as a player.
  5. Liquid_poop

    Drink more whiskey!!!!!! It will help kill off the virus. Hang in there Toes!
  6. I thought he would look more like this......
  7. Liquid_poop

    I KNOW I KNOW.......................I need to get around to fixen that there swing set.
  8. Liquid_poop

    As long as I got my lazy boy..........I'm all set!
  9. Liquid_poop

    Is this any better????????????
  10. Liquid_poop

  11. Liquid_poop

  12. Liquid_poop

    I am confused of the statement Pretorian made by saying "Ive never enjoyed cheating" Daemon you beat me to it!
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