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  1. jointz

    Which also includes acting like an idiot going through freezetag withdrawal and also
  2. jointz

    And offered to give him a free ride with a happy ending if...
  3. jointz

    Eating ausigirls tasty toobs
  4. jointz

    It was a midget stripper with the wrong door but forced his way in anyways
  5. jointz

    He sharts out one of dragons butt-nades
  6. jointz

    Dressed like a men in black operative
  7. jointz

    When the smoke had cleared... And the beers were gone
  8. jointz

    Mostly certified bike builder before brain malfunction. If y'all have any pedal bike issues I could probably help. If brain hasn't forget all I've learned and knew lol. Good things bikes don't get upgrades every so many years like computers. Without tpm security your detailer may not shift into low heat.. might need mircosoft updates.. lol. Used to be computer tech as well at one point
  9. Do we have any idiots from there? Hope u can still play even tho the dic- tater says u must take time out
  10. jointz

    Welcome and enjoy. This place is a riot !!
  11. jointz

    Glad you are safe hope anyone else who got hit is safe as well. I hope Ida got her vax done too.
  12. jointz

    Great Scott! He just remembered...
  13. jointz

    While let the stinkiest beer fart..
  14. jointz

    High school as shit. Guys got a point tho. Nowadays wouldn't see a cd with kid porn on it. Maybe not even on iTunes
  15. jointz

    Happy birthday!!
  16. jointz

    I can confirm not much extra software on the motos plus the Octa core chips in them I find are really good feature. The snap dragon chipsets are super fast. Not sure about new iPhone chip stuff but I have big thumbs and found iPhones hard to type on.
  17. jointz

    i have only used motorola phones since i was 16. i say motorola. i use the moto one hyper and its awesome super fast and 128gb so its got tons of spaces. i dont know about the new razr style but i would reccomoend anything in the moto one series. even the low end moto g series are good as well. not certain of the moto e. just my input. long time motorola user
  18. Thank you sir. I'll be reporting for duty tonight!!
  19. jointz

    Ride er til the wheels fall off I like to say
  20. jointz

    Is that still a thing? ICQ too? Msn messenger? Lol the good ole days...
  21. I second that motion. Too many times victimized..lol
  22. jointz

    hang in there bart..
  23. jointz

    Gorilla glue worked for my razer headset.. well for parts lol
  24. I tried that and download for the map was still limited.
  25. unfortunately he only ships to the usa i noticed but i will keep looking on ebay. would rather try to find a place locally or someone that is trusted opposed to random. but i guess ebay would be good as you mentioned before to me.
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