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  1. XjCrAzY

    Nice! I only made it out ice fishing once this year and I didn't catch anything lol
  2. XjCrAzY

    Congrats and welcome to your >XI< Tags!!
  3. XjCrAzY

    Hey everyone! I normally would not have to ask this question because I always used to be up to date with technology but I've been way out of the loop for a few years now.... My daughter wants to purchase a good quality laptop to use for college eventually and other things. What do y'all recommend? Of course the cheaper the better since none of us here have a whole lot of money but I want her to get something that will last for a long time and can handle any type of stuff she will face in college. I'm thinking $400 at the high end. Thank you in advance for your opinions!!
  4. Miss you :P

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    2. XjCrAzY


      Adulting sucks don't it? lool!! Yes I hope to try tonight. My internet is not working so I'm gonna try and tether off my phone and see if that works...

    3. Icequeen


      Adulting is the worst. Don't understand why I ever wanted to Do it haha. Oh no. What happened to your net? Your provider can't fix it?

    4. XjCrAzY


      It sure is!! I guess we do it because we really don't have any other choice. I'm not sure what caused the outage but it's up and running now finally again! I'm going to switch providers very soon to the new fiber optic service that is now available so hopefully there will never be a problem again!! (haha yeah right)

  5. XjCrAzY

    Boy that's a strange one since all the other patches installed correctly. Maybe try re-downloading another patch 1.7 from a different place. Possibly a corrupt file you have.
  6. XjCrAzY

    HeeeHaaw HeeHaaw Mothereffer!! I'm sure you just miss freezing me and for that I"m super sorry for not ever being able to show up for that.... Seriously I miss you bud and if you ever wanna chat shoot me a pm and I'll hook you up with my Minnesotan phone number. Ya you betcha I certainly will and maybe you can stop by fora Schmidt and some hot dish and ludefisk my son! Love ya bud!!!
  7. XjCrAzY

    Ok on the topic of bitcoin I swear I threw a few bucks at it 10 years ago but don't know for sure. Is there any way to check if I actually did or if it was a brandy dream? Also wtf does bitcoin mining actually mean and or do? Thanks ya'll!!
  8. XjCrAzY

    So sad but oh so true!!! I know I don't deal with tech in my drywall and painting buisness but it is next to impossible to find any younger person that actually can and is willing to do any sort of hardish.... labor. It is so sad!!
  9. XjCrAzY

    Merry Christmas!
  10. XjCrAzY

    Merry Christmas!
  11. XjCrAzY

    Merry Christmas!
  12. XjCrAzY

    Merry Christmas!!
  13. Thanks!! I haven't been able to play in a couple weeks but I'm going to tonight! Not sure how I can earn oil but I'm going to do some research and figure it out.
  14. XjCrAzY

    WTF.....Why oh Why.....
  15. Hmm weird. This is what I see when on my end. I did re-apply so we'll see what happens this time lol Thanks for the responses!
  16. I tried to join the >XI< World of Warships clan and terminator denied my membership. Is there a reason for that? Thanks!
  17. XjCrAzY

    Hey thanks eveyone!! I don't ever seem to get on here so this sure was a very nice suprise to see!!!
  18. XjCrAzY

    HI-POINT Brother!! @English-Bob
  19. XjCrAzY

    Holy crap!! I knew he wasn't in the best of health but i didn't know he was doing that bad... I'm so sorry to heat this @skullDi99er
  20. XjCrAzY

    Hahah yes please!!
  21. XjCrAzY

    There is a little floating check ball in the fill tube that could possibly be hanging up due to corrosion inside the tube. You could possibly tap on the tube with a block of wood (with the fuel cap off of course) or stick a piece of stiff wire down the tube and see if it dislodges the ball. It should work then. I don't think you are from Minnesota otherwise I'd come take a look myself. Good luck brother!!
  22. XjCrAzY

    Looks like something that @iboomboom would do in his own if he was a welder;)
  23. That looks really interesting!! I like that idea for the storyline. Reminds me of the movie Intersteller! I would like to give it a try and give you feedback. Thanks!!
  24. XjCrAzY

    When I run the dxdiag it says I have directx 11 installed. I did uninstall directx and reinstall it. I also uninstalled the cod5 game and reinstalled it to no avail.... Probably just my ancient system acting up.
  25. XjCrAzY

    It says "The program can't start because d3dx9_37.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" This is a game I downloaded from steam and from everything I've read the direct x that works with cod4 should work with cod5. I really appreciate you commenting on this to help me out!! Any Ideas?
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