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Dude, how do you shift this thing?

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Heavy work schedule, so we all didn't arrive at the lakes simultaneously. Gaggle of cars & boats, but we loaded up Wednesday morning & headed north for breakfast & home. Pouring down rain, battery saver alert came on, I watched the voltage drop until I pulled into a rest stop on IL57 south of Urbana. Guy & Dale picked me up, called towing service for nearest dealer, had the boys drop me off in Champaign, IL. Rode with the towing company back to my car, it started & charged, no point in loading on the flatbed. Lead me to the dealer & make me out a bill. By this time it's noon, no techs around, car is charging fine. Service manager & I flipped a coin, so I headed up the road to Bloomington-Normal. 30 miles out it quit charging again, but JUST made it to Lehmans dealership in Bloomington before it croaked. Charged the battery, found a bad cell, did some recall work while there, they test drove it, pronounced me good to go. About 5 miles away it quit charging again, so back to Lehmans I went. Poor techs & service girls were fit to be tied, they thought they had it sorted out. I laughed, that's equipment for you. Boning me hard for the new battery, and now a GM alternator, but they shot me a deal on new Michelin tires. Sales girl gave me a 2021 GMC Arcadia to drive home (scratch it, and you bought it, big boy). Had to hollar out to one of the techs, "where's the shifter?" "It's on the dash, all toggle now, everyone asks that!" So much for a relaxing fishing trip.20221012_180048.thumb.jpg.1123f8ea3490d8628ad96f23628fcc60.jpg

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