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Girls Vs Guys Tournament

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This is grossly unfair. I just can't believe that we'd treat the ladies of XI in this fashion.


Speaking on their behalf, I insist that the girls be given a head start in every single map. It's just not right that the fairer sex, who are just not programmed for vioilence as are we men, be asked to complete on level footing. They will be so embarassed by the trashing they most certainly will receive that some might give up gaming forever - or worse, take it out on their husbands.


Come on guys, let's at least try to make up for their lack of skills and killer instinct.  

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bummer panther.....  :(

Sounds like there are more then enough ladies so I'll just be on stand by and give someone else a chance to play this time.






Its an OPEN tourny.. Because we do not have enough XI ladies..  Crysis had an open tourny so I figured why shouldnt we have one for ftag.  :D   I will post tonight how many ladies will be planning to attend our nice little open event. This is going to be fun. 

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look at those loudmouths...


1. funstick: i will have so much fun sticking my gun in your ass

2. stormcrow: you only want to play with the girls cause you wanna win.. well, i understand that.. i will make a new sig for you, for that special day :)

3. sephiroth: before you reach us with your little bread knife we already shot you in your face! :)


i talked to pink and wasn't sure if i can join... but after i read the posts of our wankers....


I'M IN!!!




LOL..  I love it when u talk kinky!   You all gonna loose. 

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Dude nice work on getting 32 girls to play You are the man.


That is plenty of girls to play the server only holds 34 people so just tell them the password to join the server and we are set.


We have enough men clan members to play so we are good to go.




Thanks Boss.  Some backed out because of timing, so this is going to be a bit tougher than expected.. I need everyone's help in getting more females.  And I will have the final count by tommorow night.  

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If the guys team wins the first map..  We get to claim the girl of their choice as their trophy. 

If the girls win the first map then they claim the guy of their choice as a trophy





Guys win the first map.  The one with the highest points gets first pick for trophy. 



Say that I am on the top. I pick Pink as my trophy -  Pink will rename herself as  Funsticks Trophy and move on to the next map as that player. 


Now lets say that girls team wins the second map. They have a choice to either claim the guys a trophy or they can change their names. back. 


And the last map..... If the guys win.. they have to rename themselves to the ones that claims them, and then admit they lost, and play 1 map in an XI server as the claimants trophy.   



Then after that they can switch it back to their original names.   :D




I think that is fair, fun, and awesome. 




Remember everyone this is an OPEN tournament for everyone.  Now that this thread is moved to our private members only section which is preventing me and the girls i am getting to post so i can get a good head count.  If possible I like this threat moved back to its original location, and or do it the hard way  get them to Xfire me so i can get a good count.   








Maps to be played will be whatever is in rotation.  Rugger if possible could you please put creek on as the first map.   And then we can just go with the flow. 




Again thank you everyone for attending and supporting this Tournament (Battle of the Sexez)  and also 1 main rule is no personal attacks..  And please have fun.   I am still deciding on the time.  but i am looking at Between 8pm est to 10pm est. 


I have to admit that we have a lot of girls in Ftag that play very well so..  We will have alot of european female ftag players involved.  So we need to make a good time adjustment for them to come in. 

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Ok  after I spoke with sexyguy and bomb and a few others,  We may run into the timing issue, and i want everyone to play but it may not be possible.. So there is good news and bad news..




BAD NEWS - We may end up pushing this 1 week further if needed to get everyone adjusted the timing issue

BAD NEWS -  Guys, I hate to say it but we will have to adjust our time to play against the girls. 




GOOD NEWS -  Gives us time to get more females and get this thread back into its original location so the non members can post. Plus more females, and more prep time.   The Ultimate Decesion will be made tommorow night.   But dont worry Im still working on the female part with help from Sexy guy, Cheese, Bomb, and Pink. 



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but anyway what we are gonna play for??

PRIDE and HONOUR !!!!!!!!



The girls will become our lovely trophys.   :)  Once I post the list of people attending,  fella's get ready to pick your trophys.  

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Why would any of the girls want you scum bags to be their trophy? Just sayin....



No no darling You are forgetting. You will become OUR Trophies, because. The Guys team always wins.  :) Get ready to be claimed in the next tourny cupcake.  :)

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[CFF] GIRLS are in :D just hoping that nessie will be ok to play on Friday as she is getting her 4 wisdom teeth out the mora :(



That is fantastic!! I may push to Sunday but remmeber the schedule is not offical jsut yet. and considerng Nessie,  maybe Sunday would be a better option.  Family comes first..  :)  

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I will allow my girl, STORMCROW(good bitch) to play on the girls team.

Always remember what I taught you... "There is no stopping forces of nature".

It's only natural that you can't stop SOB from trying to cup your man boobs!





We can do that.  They are gonna need alll the help they can get.  

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