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  1. RedRum

    Got my old profile back.Thanks Rugger <3
  2. RedRum

    Hey!!!!You are silly boy lol
  3. RedRum

    All is good,thank you!!! Yes we have to watch out for budman lol
  4. RedRum

    Your welcome Hunter!!Your right nitro,its awful.Deerejon thats to funny lol.Hxtr thank you and pete you crack me up lmao we all know that hxtr is big flirt
  5. RedRum

    Yes they can be!!!lol I was just a little harmless flirting but some guys think another guy can just jump the monitor and take your girl.Another member in the clan(i will not name her)witnessed him getting pissed and making me quit.I will never do that again.If you cant except my gaming then I don't need ya esp. when you are a gamer on ps3 lol.Some guys just dont understand,its sad.Thanks Hardcore
  6. RedRum

    lol yes it is hxtr
  7. I just wanted to let every clan member know how sorry I am for leaving this clan.It was not my choice.The man I was living with didn't like the flirting and other things so I had to quit.Didn't want to but I had to live there so I did.It hurt me badly to leave you all.I am sorry to you Angel for all the bad things I said and anybody else I hurt.I am not saying this to get back in the clan,just needed to let you all know.Hopefully one day you will forgive me.Thanks!!
  8. RedRum

    Yes cobra you too!!Btw......FU you too lol.I knew you wouldn't take it easy on me,nobody will.Thats ok because I will get good again one day and own you BOY Hi nisty!!Hi Lady,its good to be back Thanks google,same to you
  9. RedRum

    I miss you to chris.I miss all of you
  10. RedRum

    I have been working and raising my boys.I want to get back in and play but I want a headset first.I will be getting one when I get paid.I will play like a newbie again....OMG lol.You guys take it easy on me
  11. RedRum

    Just wanted to stop in and say Hi
  12. RedRum

    I have my old account back thanks to rugger The redrum39 I wont be using anymore
  13. RedRum

    Thank you!!!You guys will have to take it easy on me I havent played in years
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