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  1. Xp3rT

    Still working on it let you know tomorrow
  2. Xp3rT

    No error messages come up just the crash to desktop.
  3. Xp3rT

    I forgot to say I tried to run the compatibility with windows 7 setting and xp mode but it didn’t work. When I double click it looks like it’s trying to start then crashes to the desktop. Right now I’m trying to copy my old game file from my last computer and copy it into the new one. Hopefully that works. I also wonder if it could be due to having the stock version of the game when it came out with no updates. Maybe it’s not able to connect online? The single player starts up fine hmmm
  4. Hi guys, I haven’t played cod 4 in a while and I just installed cod 4 on my new computer with Windows 10. Every time I double click multiplayer mode it tries to launch then crashes. Is this game not compatible with windows 10? Thanks in advance! Xp3rT
  5. Xp3rT

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Xp3rT

    Here's a quick fix. Open up a new credit card and charge dat sheet lol
  7. Xp3rT

    RIP Cobra, you were a great guy and will be missed. We had some good laughs and games together. It was a chapter of my life I won't forget. See you bud in the next life. Xp3rT P.S. I know deep down you wanted the ACR to be brought back on the MW2 Server even though you said no laughingly all those times.
  8. Xp3rT

    Happy Belated Birthday bro!
  9. Xp3rT

    That knife wielding Roberto will kill us all.
  10. Xp3rT

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Xp3rT

    I bought the cheapest $60 standard version.
  12. Xp3rT

    I don't know where my cod 4 disk is. And punk buster is a jerk.
  13. Does anyone else play Battlefield 1? I just got it and it's really fun. Also I play counterstrike global offensive. Let me know so we can set up a game!
  14. Xp3rT

    Love it so far! I been playing battlefield 1 and counterstrike global offensive all day.
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