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  1. Anvil, this is numnutz's wife.  Ron passed away April 11/20.  He always talked out you.  I just wanted you to know.


  2. NumNutz

    High, and welcome Angelz ? been there and done that... Medal of Honor, Duke Nukem , United Offensive, DOOM and Tribes. You name it
  3. NumNutz

    RIP my friend
  4. NumNutz

    Right on tsw, I am thinkin your a FORD man...yes?
  5. NumNutz

    Happy birthday boyz, You beat me to it Laszo
  6. NumNutz

    I wonder how long it will take for the kids to notice... LMFAO!! little prick
  7. NumNutz

    Have a good one...
  8. NumNutz

    Congrats Tatman , she a sweetie pie ?
  9. NumNutz

    Thanks guys ?
  10. NumNutz

    and I though you was rollin one up!! ? Good luck on the move, then.. ?
  11. NumNutz

    Happy B-Day brother
  12. NumNutz

  13. NumNutz

  14. NumNutz

    Happy B-Day guyzz
  15. NumNutz

    Right on old timer...I to use a joystick
  16. NumNutz

    OMFG!!….. You nailed it TBB ?



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