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  1. Def

    Thanks everyone
  2. I might be able to make it depending on the time.
  3. Def

    dragons teeth maps, operation locker, and metro, domination, team death match and chain links, You know I like the small maps!
  4. Def

    Thanks guys I did try it all but still no getting a communication handshake error with PnkBstrB
  5. Hi Team, I just got a new computer win7 64 bit and call of duty 4, punk buster keep kicking me out with Error losing key packets 9005, can you Please help me or tell me who can? I tried everything I read and updated all my drivers and PB as well. nothng seems to work, I hope can fix this, I don't want to stop playing cod4, Please HELP DEF
  6. Def

    Happy Birthday Have a nice one
  7. Def

  8. Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there in >XI< Land!!!!!!!
  9. Def

    Hi all I'm Def and I'm very happy to be a member, i'm 50 years old and live in passaic nj, I have a 1993 zx11 I like to ride and I go fishing every saturday for trout and bass, I work in the IS department for UPS in paramus nj, I have a wife and 3 grown kids, well I guess thats about it, Thanks Def
  10. Def

    Hi all and thanks, to answer PT-Mama's question, Yes I am DEF and no i'm not deaf!!!!!! I also like to thank SGTdANKO FOR BEING MY SPONSOR , looking forward to meeting you all.



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