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  1. Shocking and very sad news... He was a very kind and lovely person. I am very sorry for your loss @sandradee2
  2. How Game Of Thrones should have ended
  3. behzad

    Playing Promod is cheating cause there is "mod" in the name?.. a'ight.
  4. behzad

    Didn't really like scoping, I reload cancel by myself. Macros are for noobs. Most promod servers came with fullbright as an option. You need modded textures to be a good player? The last promod server I played on was a few days ago and the server allowed 333 fps So I do consider myself a "good" promod player.
  5. behzad

    No. You don't need other configs, scripts or binds to be good ProMod player. The only config changes I would use were, /cg_fov 80 /cg_drawfps 1 /com_maxfps 125 --> My pc at the time sucked and couldn't reach a steady 250 fps
  6. behzad

    The best solution, in my opinion, is to give the user 3 strikes and a ban. Notify and explain to them why they need to relax while playing. The admins all agreed that I needed to be banned, it was overturned by a senior admin. ? I came from a competitive promod background the first time I played ftag, I was just being an asshole and showing off... but realized that it was unfair after talks with the admins. So I changed the way I played, by taking the game less serious and just goofing around, creating challenges for myself, like if I could get the most defrost on the server and just having random fun with players.
  7. Something you didn't mention about com_maxfps It can impact how the player behaves, there are many bugs in the quake engine, cod4 uses a modified version of the quake engine. Some of the bugs are still present. com_maxfps 125 --> allows the player to jump further and higher when you strafe jump. com_maxfps 250 --> allows the player to jump even further and higher than 125. com_maxfps 333 --> This one should be blocked, not only does it allow you to jump to the moon, but it also makes your player make less noise as you move and take less fall damage.
  8. behzad

    Thank you all.
  9. behzad

    Hi everyone I'm behzad, Some of you might know me already, as I've been playing on the >XI< FreezeTag Server 1 server for the past 3 years. The only game I play online is cod4 and the reason I'm still playing it, is because of the amazing people that play on this awesome server. I'm not as active as before because I don't get much time for gaming. I mostly try to play on the weekends now, if I have time. about me: I study computer science, I enjoy programming and some gaming on the side. I'll see yous on the server.
  10. behzad

    Happy birthday sandra! have good one.
  11. I used Shadow Play to record the footage.
  12. behzad

    There is recoil in spec but less than normal, Its hard to detect hackers, there are some factors you need to take into consideration, like They can use sound to detect your location And in freeze Tag Other players might give away your location. Over the years of playing COD I can spot a hacker from a mile away. here is video of me fooling admins and getting banned
  13. Sever Name: >XI< FreezeTag Server 1 IP Address: Maps: mp_dust2_classic & mp_hillside Player using hacks: CALAMARO While playing in Freeze Tag in dust 2 map, CALAMARO killed me in a very suspicious way, So I started recording the demo. After the dust 2 map was over, I made a new class, with Dead Silence being one of the perks I choose. In the demo you will see that I'm using sound while he is using wallhack, to know where I am. Download demo
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