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  1. MikZzona

    Your daily dose of fucked up brilliance.
  2. MikZzona

    As long as you keep knifing people (not me!) on the FT1 server I'm happy!
  3. MikZzona

    Hey Zig, always a pleasure playing with (or against!) you on the FT1 server, I like your gaming style! See you there soon
  4. MikZzona

    Prog nom nom nom
  5. MikZzona

    Nice! You seriously kicked my butt yesterday when the video was taken, I remember that vividly. Stopping power on the Bomb Squad kit, do you find that to make a big difference? I'm genuinely curious, I would have assumed that the sheer power of that shotgun would be enough in itself. But I never played shotgun, so this is a newbie asking
  6. MikZzona

    When someone is hiding under the bridge
  7. MikZzona

    Cannot get enough of it.
  8. MikZzona

    That one I've heard sung many times in only a couple of weeks, I guess a lot of people need help! This one often comes to mind, because of circumstances and because of that frickin so roni - wink wink @merder
  9. MikZzona

    Thank you Sally & Josh! Sorry @Darth Revan my Internet crashed yesterday when I was updating TeamSpeak, you were gone by the time I came back. This is not over, we shall meet again!
  10. MikZzona

    Thank you everyone! @ShinyAbsol I'm with you, however Ice does have a tendency to knife me as well, so I'll let you do the talking while I keep a reasonable distance.
  11. MikZzona

    Oh wow! Well it was a short time playing together then, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Except when you kill me from 130 yards by a headshot with a RPD mid-jump and with your eyes closed. So most of the time. But apart from that, yeah. Hope things work out with the entrance to Japan! Which country are you flying from?
  12. MikZzona

    Good evening XI and everyone! I've been playing quite a bit lately on the CoD4 Freeze 1 server, and thought I'd introduce myself. Thomas, 29 years old, French living in Sweden. In a past life I was admin for the Freeze Tag clan {ESC}, then I stopped playing around 2012/2013, and just came back now. Be advised that I am an easy target for knifes, but getting knifed makes me sad, so I would appreciate you people knifing Darth_Revan instead, as a retribution for all the times he did that to me. See you guys around! Mik
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