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  1. MikZzona

    Happy birthday!
  2. MikZzona

    and desperate losers dealer-friendly Blackjack players.
  3. MikZzona

    Hehe gotta keep hope! Dealer got seven 21 in the last 10-12 hands though. That does complicate things. Oink
  4. MikZzona

    This is the Oink of recovery ! From now on, I shall never continue betting if I lose 2 hands in a row, I shall stop betting at the first loss after a winning streak, and I shall never keep betting when I have a negative score. Never again at 0 point ! OINK !
  5. MikZzona

    Hey Bori, it's been nice to see you ingame a few times, after playing so much together on the ESC servers years ago. Don't know if you remember 🙂 see you soon ingame!
  6. MikZzona

    I was up to 150 000 points, but the dealer decided to stop giving me any chance and to only draw 21s and 20s, or to give me 15s and 16s that I just have to hit on, because he would get 20 or 21 anyway. Grrr. Oink.
  7. MikZzona

    Never heard about them before - thanks Spotify for the suggestion - , but DAMN that's good!
  8. I just got this error message, while playing on the map mp_gitten_r_done . It happened as I fired a bolt with an explosive crossbow toward a helicopter. I had fired a first bolt before that had hit the helicopter without problem, but got kicked with this error message on the 2nd bolt. The 2nd bolt was most likely going to hit the helicopter, so I wonder if maybe the helicopter left the battlefield at the same time, which would have triggered that... So I don't know if this is related to the mod, or to the game itself, thought I'd report this anyway. "BG_EvaluateTrajectory: unknown trType: 54"
  9. MikZzona

    I just had this happen, always wondered what would happen in this situation... Now I know! Oink!
  10. MikZzona

    Yeah same here, keep em coming!
  11. MikZzona

    9 million! Now don't pull a @Crack on us and go back to 0 in 5 minutes Bogleg. I oink for you!
  12. MikZzona

    Sad oink for piglo 😢
  13. MikZzona

    Happy birthday to you all!
  14. MikZzona




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