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  1. MikZzona

    It doesn't matter much who killed him, if STAS was indeed the guy upstairs or not. We see in the log that Ranger kills someone (pan_Zenek), that that someone is not the guy upstairs in front of him, and then from spectating we see than pan_Zenek is all the way across the map. So yeah, heavy luck, love it!
  2. MikZzona

    I feel you. Why does the only thing that seems to make sense to me, i.e. Toronto Eye's answer, seems to be the only thing called into question?
  3. MikZzona

    Gotta love the irony of language.
  4. MikZzona

    Love it Daddy, amazing! I haven't been hiking much this year, last time was back in May or June.. Been thinking about going out there these last couple of days, now that the summer is a bit less busy with a lot of non-summary stuff, but the weather is terrible here, we haven't had a single day without rain in the whole of August so far, sooo.. Yeah, we'll see. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks there will be a day when weather isn't too terrible and I can bring some fresh pictures.
  5. MikZzona

    Such sad news... He was such a pleasure to play with, really nice and fun guy, always in good spirits. Rest in peace
  6. MikZzona

    Happy birthday both of you!
  7. MikZzona

    Sure thing, just need to check with my tracker agent at the government to give me some details. He and Bill Gates are watching me type anyway so it shouldn't take long.
  8. MikZzona

    Oh that's a tough one. Difficult also to rate them together as "great" and "something you never get tired of listening to", I guess I may need different rankings there. Anyway, for me it could be anything in universes vastly opposed, from Forever Changes by Love, to Synchestra by the Devin Townsend Band, would need to think a bit more about it. I guess I would probably end up with an album from one of the prog giants though, like Close to the Edge by Yes or Selling England by the Pound by Genesis... or with the Beatles too hehe.
  9. MikZzona

    Thank you all!
  10. MikZzona

    Well that sucks. Very sorry for your loss.
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